Reminder to complete annual Title IX training

by Sean Parnell, UAA Chancellor  |   

Dear UAA Community,

All students, staff and faculty are required to complete annual Title IX training. If you've already completed the training, thank you. This training strengthens our community to be active bystanders, which promotes a safe and healthy campus environment.

Online training opened Sept. 1 and must be completed by Oct. 31. In an effort to ensure our campus remains a safe space free of harassment and discrimination, we are aiming for 100% compliance from the UAA community. Students and employees can access the training through Blackboard.

Facilitated training with OEC staff is also available and may be scheduled by contacting the Office of Equity and Compliance at or 907-786-0818.

The participation of our campus community in this training is critical to ensure we all understand the duties of responsible employees as well as our own rights in the process.

Reporting and resources. The Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC) upholds the university’s nondiscrimination and harassment policies and educates the community about policies, practices and prevention efforts. Any reports of discrimination against a protected class or sexual harassment should be directed to OEC. Visit the OEC website to submit a report and for additional resources.

I have completed Title IX training, along with my cabinet and UAA leadership teams, and I am thankful for the valuable information it provided.

We appreciate your ongoing efforts to educate yourselves on these topics. Together, we can maintain a safe, secure and respectful environment at UAA.

Sean Parnell,
UAA Chancellor

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