Safety Awareness Month: Wildlife Safety

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It is not uncommon to encounter wildlife on campus at UAA, or anywhere in Alaska, and it is important to know what to do if you find yourself in that situation. If you see a moose or bear on campus, call UPD and let them know the location. 786-1120

If you encounter a moose:

  • Moose will stand their ground or charge.
  • Keep a safe distance (at least 50 feet)
  • Stay calm and slowly back away.
  • If a moose charges, run for cover behind something close. If you get knocked down, curl into a ball and stay still protecting your head.

If you encounter a bear:

  • Make noise so you don't surprise a bear.
  • Stay alert and look for signs of bears.
  • Never approach or crowd bears; respect their "personal space."
  • Stay calm during a bear encounter, talk and wave your arms. Don't run!
  • Carry bear spray and know how to use it if you are going to be in bear country.

If you encounter Spirit the Seawolf:

  • Give them a high five.
  • Pose for a selfie
  • Yell "Go Seawolves!"

For more information on wildlife safety in Alaska, visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website and check out this online presentation on Moose and Bear Safety.

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