Transition to 10-digit dialing

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On Oct. 24, 2021, Alaska telephone companies will begin enforcing 10-digit dialing for local calls within the Alaska 907 area code. IT Services has ensured that 10-digit dialing is already functional and the UAA community should begin the transition to using 10 digits to dial external numbers for both local and long-distance calls immediately.

Why this change?
The FCC has designated 988 as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and has mandated that area codes currently allowing 7-digit local dialing be transitioned to 10-digit local dialing to prevent issues reaching the hotline.

Who is affected by this change?

  • This change will affect all local calling across Alaska. As of October 24, 2021, 7-digit dialing will no longer operate across all of Alaska. Changes at the UAA campus must take place prior to this date.
  • Toll Bypass will be removed which means you now have to dial 10-digit for local and long-distance calls to or from any of our campus locations.
  • 5-digit dialing will function as normal for calls placed from one campus line to another.

What should you expect after the change?

  • Local calls: 8+1+907+ Phone Number (e.g. 8+1+907+555+1212)
  • Long Distance: 8+1+Area Code + Phone Number (e.g. 8+1+207+555+1212)

What else should you be concerned about?

  • All external call forwarding will need updating to follow the new dialing rules.
  • If you have speed dials programmed, those will require updating to reflect the new rules.
  • If you have auto dialers (e.g. fax machines), these will also need updating to reflect the new rules.

For any immediate concerns, questions or issues with this transition, please contact the Technical Support Center 907-786-4646 or visit the Seawolf Tech Portal.

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