New edition of Alumni Spirit magazine now available

by Matt Jardin  |   

Presenting the fall 2021 edition of Spirit magazine! As UAA's premier publication, these amazing stories capture the great work of alumni and students from your Hometown U.

This issue of Spirit is about what’s next — for UAA, Seawolves and the community. Read on to hear from accounting alumnus Gary Klopfer, whose $1 million gift to the College of Business and Public Policy will establish a fund to provide investment portfolio experience to students. And from geology alumna Charlie Detelich, whose position on a support team for the 2024 NASA Europa Clipper mission will contribute to what we know about life in the universe.

Guidance can make the difference between being sure and being lost for many. Learn about the university’s successful Seawolf Mentor program and meet some of the mentees and the alumni mentors passing on their experience.

For a much-needed bit of levity, check out psychology senior Tucker Sawyer’s research into the adorable laughter of rats and what his findings can more broadly reveal about the mysteries of our human behavior.

Please enjoy leaning in and learning more about how #SeawolfNation continues to make an impact for Alaska and in communities everywhere! View the full magazine here.

Fall 2021 Alumni Spirit magazine cover
On the cover: A wintry westward view of UAA’s ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building. (Photo and design by Brett Rawalt / University of Alaska Anchorage)
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