2021 Archive

Job opening: Complex Behavior Specialist

The UAA Center for Human Development is seeking a full-time Complex Behavior Specialist ABA/ Mental Health Provider 2 to work across multiple settings and client populations as a Consultant for the Effective Behavior Interventions Clinic. This position requires the ability to teach and guide others through the process of a functional behavioral assessments and the design and implementation of individualized behavior intervention plans as well as facilitate and lead multidisciplinary teams. A successful candidate will be able to build excellent realistic individualized plans using the principle of applied behavior science and has the ability to work in diverse environments in both rural and urban Alaska. This position requires an ability to facilitate, motivate and respectfully lead complex multi-disciplinary teams while building individual team member’s capacity to use applied behavioral interventions to address challenging behaviors. The ideal candidate will have the skills and ability to deliver consultive services that exemplify cultural awareness, competence and sensitivity.

Job opening: Degree Completion Specialist, Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar seeks a highly motivated, enthusiastic individual to join its team as a Degree Completion Specialist. This professional plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of the student record and providing a high standard of customer service. This position serves as an information resource specialist for graduation processing, Board of Regent and university policy, degree requirements and DegreeWorks to all of UAA, including its extended campuses. To learn more about our team, please visit our website at uaa.alaska.edu/students/registrar.

Open Ed Week 2021: ZTC/OER as Part of a Student-Centered Major

This week has shown that Open Educational Resources (OER) and other zero cost course materials have the potential to dramatically reduce access barriers for our students, and many UAA courses have adopted ZTC/OER materials. In this last post, we highlight what happens when faculty join together to incorporate ZTC/OER in multiple courses as part of a larger student-centered major!

Core Competency Forum on Personal, Professional and Community Responsibility (9-11 a.m. via Zoom)

How does your program or service help students meet this core competency? How will you know when students have achieved it? Attend this hands-on workshop to incorporate the new UAA core competency, Personal, Professional and Community Responsibility into your program or service and your regular assessment processes. Even if your program or service is already doing this, attendance is important to ensure the institution can report on your efforts.

Free COVID-19 testing site on Anchorage campus every other Thursday

The Municipality of Anchorage will be hosting a drive-up/walk-up COVID-19 testing site on campus every other Thursday, starting March 11. This free service will take place in the West Lot, at the corner of Providence Drive and Lake Otis Parkway, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. UAA students are encouraged to come get tested, even if they are not experiencing any symptoms. Employees and the general public will also be welcome. Submitting a sample will be even faster if people pre-register at visit-healthcare.com.

Guidelines for spring break travel

Spring break is next week, and I hope it will be a time for you to rest and recharge. It is hard to believe the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic began almost a year ago.

Open Ed Week 2021: Tackling ZTC/OER Challenges

For many faculty, the transition from commercial to Open Educational Resources (OER) can be as seamless as transitioning from any commercial text to another. However, in some niche specialty areas, OERs are hard to find. Under those circumstances, faculty may need to be creative, to be a pedagogical pioneer - to adopt OER or zero cost course materials. Our authors today highlight the strategies and benefits of switching to ZTC/OER even when the transition is challenging!

Job opening: Training Program Coordinator for Center for Human Development

The Center for Human Development is seeking applications for a Training Program Coordinator. We are looking for a highly motivated individual for our multifaceted and exciting work. The AKTC’s activities are focused on training the workforce that is supporting and working directly with individuals with disabilities. Our training team is a group of highly skilled trainers with experience in this area.

eWolf (Digication) log-in procedure upgrade scheduled for the morning of March 8

Log-in procedures for eWolf (Digication) will be upgraded on March 8 in the morning. There is expected to be little or no disruption to the system. Users will still use their UAA credentials and there are no changes in the portfolio tool itself. The upgrade will present users with a new log-in procedure that will increase security and system stability. If you have any questions, please contact either the ITS Technical Support Center (907-786-4646) or the eWolf team.

UA Board of Regents extends fundraising deadlines for gymnastics and hockey teams

UAA hockey team celebrates with a team huddle (Photo courtesy UAA Athletics)

At its meeting on Feb. 25, the University of Alaska Board of Regents passed two motions focused on UAA hockey and gymnastics. The motions extended the fundraising deadlines for the two sports, allowing for automatic reinstatement if fundraising targets are met.