2021 Archive

Job opening: Grounds Maintenance (MSW3)

The UAA Grounds Department is seeking hardworking individuals to join our great team of landscaping professionals. Ideal candidates will work well in a team environment, have experience and interest in the landscaping profession (arboriculture, turf management, annual and perennial flower care, interiorscaping, greenhouse production, hardscape management, heavy equipment operation, snow and ice removal), and have an excellent driving record. This is a full-time, union-represented, benefitted position.

Open Ed Week 2021: Supporting Student Needs

Students often experience challenges and access barriers invisible to instructors. Everything from late financial aid disbursement to low or inconsistent bandwidth can keep students from fully engaging in class. Open Educational Resources (OER) and other zero cost course materials can help reduce access barriers and allow us to better support students.

UAA STEM Talks: COVID & Waste Water

Join us for the first in our lecture series highlighting STEM at UAA! This event will showcase two presenters, Dr. Brandon Briggs and Dr. Eric Bortz, and their research. Each presentation is followed by a live Q&A from our Facebook and Zoom audiences.

Bakery Cart open Wednesdays and Thursdays for curbside pick-up only

The Culinary Arts students will be selling fresh baked goods starting Thursday, Jan. 21, with pick-up hours starting at 10 a.m. through noon, or until sold out. Bakery cart will be operational Wednesday and Thursday after initial opening day. There will be a variety of baked goods based on what the Culinary Arts students are learning during the week. There will also be to-go coffee available! Online order ONLY — curbside pick-up: uaaculinaryarts.mobilebytes.com.

Are you registered to vote in Anchorage's Spring Elections?

Anchorage's Municipal Elections are coming up this spring

Alumni log in and give back

Spirit golfing in the snow

Although day-to-day schedules are already full of online meetings, UAA alumni still turned up to show their support at two crucial annual advocacy opportunities: the Legislative Fly-In from Feb. 9-12 and Nine in the Spine at Winterfest from Feb. 22-27.

COVID-19 pandemic highlights importance of logistics

Student Pharmacist Skylar Hunter prepares vaccine doses as UAA/ISU Doctor of Pharmacy students staff a COVID-19 immunization clinic at Bernie's Pharmacy.

Each year at this time, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race reminds us of the remarkable 1925 Serum Run. Nearly 100 years later, we are in another race that requires creative thinking and well-executed logistics.

Faculty proposals for Selkregg Award due by March 26

Faculty proposals are now being accepted for the 2021 Selkregg Community Engagement and Service Learning Award. The application deadline is Friday, March 26, 2021, by 5 p.m.

Thesis defense: 'Migration Ecology and Harvest Exposure Risk of Lesser Yellowlegs'

The Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) has experienced a precipitous population decline since the 1970s. The causes of this decline are complex and interrelated and include the probable threats of habitat alteration, agrochemical application, and climate change, as well as the know threat of unregulated sport and subsistence harvest. Using PinPoint GPS Argos satellite transmitters, I tracked the migratory movements of birds originating from six breeding and post-breeding locations across Alaska and Canada. In this study, I examined the annual spatial and temporal distributions of migratory Lesser Yellowlegs and their probability of occurrence within geographic regions that participate in shorebird harvest. My study provides the crucial information required to develop and implement targeted and effective conservation priorities for the Lesser Yellowlegs.

UAA chancellor search update

The UAA chancellor search committee has been making steady progress toward finding the next UAA chancellor and has posted updated information on the search website: UAA Chancellor Search. The updates include the position profile, candidate attributes, and an anticipated timeline. Many of you offered feedback on attributes the next chancellor should possess, and we thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughts.