Equity at Work and in the World - two virtual workshops

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The UAA/APU Books of the Year program and UAA’s Chief Diversity Officer invite you to attend two virtual workshops on advancing equity in the workplace and the world (for faculty and staff) with Rae Ratliff, Camp Fire Alaska.

Join us for one or both! Zoom information provided with registration.

I Get It, Now What? Steps You Can Take to Help Create an Equitable Workplace and World
Tuesday, Feb. 22, 10-11:30 a.m.
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Starting with the foundational agreement that systemic bias is an everyone, every day, institutionalized problem, this workshop will explore what it means as individuals to contribute to a solution – day to day, minute by minute, situation by situation. Through broadening the definition of woke, you will leave this workshop with tangible and individualized big and small actions, thought processes, and mindsets which will enable you to be part of progress toward a diverse, inclusive, equitable, accessible, positive, productive, and impactful workplace and society for everyone.   

I Get It, My Boss Gets It, Now What? Tools and Strategies for Addressing Systemic Bias within Organizations
Tuesday, March 1, 2:30-3:45 p.m.
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This presentation will review the initial work that Camp Fire Alaska has completed along the journey towards ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our work. Though we will focus on the past 5 years, historical highlights and learning moments will also be presented. Attendees will leave with recommended strategies and tools for addressing systemic bias within organizations of all shapes and sizes.

For information or questions, contact Libby Roderick at eroderick@alaska.edu.

Presenter biography
Rae Ratliff, M.Ed., has over a decade of experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion youth and adult education. A Teach for America alumnae, Rae holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Radford University, a master’s degree in education with a focus in secondary English and at-risk populations from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate in diversity and inclusion for HR from Cornell. Additionally, she has nearly 15 years of youth development experience running youth and young adult programs across the US from Boston to Anchorage, and has a passion for providing meaningful and positively impactful experiences for youth and adults. Rae enjoys traveling internationally and domestically — especially to visit her family in Massachusetts and Florida — and spending time with friends in Alaska.

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