IT Alert: Notice of ongoing network maintenance to support better cyber security

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Dear UAA Community,

In an effort to increase UAA’s cyber security posture, IT Services will be taking steps to further reduce malicious actors’ ability to gain access to our network. While we are working very hard to minimize any discernible impacts, there is always some potential that employees may experience issues accessing legitimate resources.  

Why are we making this change?

IT Services has identified recent activity attempting to bypass our security measures. Implementing additional safeguards to block this behavior will significantly reduce our vulnerability from external cyber threats.

How does this impact me?

Over the course of the next several months, we will be altering how our network handles all network connections. These changes could potentially disrupt legitimate network services. IT Services will make these changes incrementally and will do its best to identify and ensure legitimate network traffic flows as expected to minimize any adverse impacts. IT Services will list the Buildings/Departments under active development on the UAA IT Services Status page.

How can I get help if I run into a potentially related issue?

Please contact the Technical Support Center at (907) 786-4646, email us at or open a ticket at the Seawolf Tech Portal.

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