Summer research opportunity in environmental toxicology

by Gino Graziano and Pat Tomco  |   

Come join our fun team for a paid lab and field research opportunity!

We are looking to hire a summer research technician, ideally a student looking for research laboratory experience. This position would work in Pat Tomco’s lab during the summer of 2022 at UAA. Primary duties will be assisting with research projects that address topics related to environmental persistence and toxicological impacts of current-use herbicides in Alaska and management of invasive plants. Activities will include: assisting with herbicide applications, collecting soil samples from experimental plots, setting up plant bioassays, extracting herbicide residues, assisting with instrumental analysis, and assessing vegetation impacts at field sites. Work primarily will occur at the UAA main campus with occasional travel to University of Alaska experiment stations in Palmer and Fairbanks.

Prior experience in a chemistry lab setting is preferred, but not required.

To inquire, please contact Gino Graziano at and/or Pat Tomco at

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