ISO Rental house for family of 4 plus dog

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Myself, husband, two children, and our family dog are trying to relocate from the valley back to Anchorage or Eagle River. My kiddos, aged 8 & 11, spend as much time outdoors as they can, so we're hoping for enough yard space to run around with their dog and get plenty dirty. Our ideal home is a single family with 3+ bedrooms, but we're open to townhomes and duplexes if there's still room to play outside. We have a great rental history, are easy going, and care for any home as if it's our own. We don't like to move around once settled in, and are only leaving the valley because the commute has become too much for my crumby back.

We're hoping to move before the Fall semester begins, but otherwise our date is flexible and current property manager is happy to work with us. If you have something coming available, or know of any leads, we'd be ever so grateful. Please feel free to give me a call or text at (907) 242-7661, or email at

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