Seeking Volunteers: Interprofessional Education & Simulation Committees Need Your Help!

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The theme the Interprofessional Education is focusing on for this semester is Equity and Poverty. The IPE Committee is seeking volunteers from the community to work with other students in the health programs as they explore the realities of living with a small budget, limited time, and high stress by role-playing as familial units are challenged by a specific set of circumstances. It is designed to help us “re-think” poverty and explore how we as individuals and collectively through our work, our school, or our profession, find new ways to assist those facing disparity every day.

An integral ingredient to the success of this activity is the volunteers who will be asked to portray various community roles embedded in the simulation design. Volunteers will join the learners through the simulation activity and enhance their learning during the debriefing.  This is an opportunity to share meaningful experiences and insight for future providers who will have to deliver team-based, patient-centered care for one of Alaska's most vulnerable populations.

Event Date: Friday, April 14
Event Time: 8-11 a.m.
Event Location: University of Alaska Anchorage, Main Campus

To volunteer for this interprofessional education simulation activity, please complete the volunteer form.

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