Defense Against the Dark Web

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Are you ready to learn how to protect yourself and your organization from the dangers of the dark web? Our expert security analysts will guide you through an immersive and interactive experience that will leave you equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend yourself from cyber threats.

Get ready to witness live demonstrations of powerful tools like Bad USBs, Wi-Fi pineapples, and malicious QR codes. We'll also show you how easy it is to crack weak passwords and why it's essential to avoid risky online behavior.

Our training goes beyond the technical aspects of cybersecurity. You'll also learn essential cybersecurity awareness practices that will keep you and your organization safe. With the increasing digitalization of the world, this event is a must-attend for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from our experts and take your cybersecurity knowledge to the next level. Join us for this session and become an expert in protecting yourself and your organization from the dangers of the dark web. Please register to attend.

Presented by Joshua Craft, UA Security Analyst

Event Details

Event location - RH 216
Event date - 05/08/2023
Event start time - 1 p.m.
Event end time - 2 p.m.

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