Cabin Fever Debates open Tuesday with rounds on PFD and Afghanistan

By: Staff   Feb 2, 2009

The Seawolf Debate team and the Department of Communication & Discourse Studies are proud to sponsor the fourth annual Cabin Fever Debates, UAA's intramural debating tournament.  The contest kicks off with the first preliminary round on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Social Studies Building (SSB), Room 118.

The first debate will address the motion "The State of Alaska should invest its public funds according to the principles of socially-responsible investing.” Last year’s Presidential election raised the issue of how the State of Alaska invests its public funds and a bill in this year’s legislature will consider whether the Permanent Fund should be divested from companies that do business in Sudan. Other movements that are gaining national attention urge divestment from companies involved with Israel or those involved in the sale of tobacco and alcohol products.

Defending the motion in round one will be team "Serious Business" (Jordan Tatum -- sophomore, Political Science/Economics, and Greg Elfrink sophomore, undeclared) and team "S and C" (Scott Hedlund -- freshman, Aviation Technology, and Carolann Fredericks -- freshman, undeclared). Representing the opposition will be team "Alyssa and Carina" (Alyssa Busey -- freshman, History/Japanese, and Carina Nikitenko -- freshman, Biology) and team "This is not the Hammer" (Catherine Helle -- freshman, Political Science/English, and Michael Duffy -- junior, Anthropology).

The CFD’s second round will consider the motion “The NATO Alliance should negotiate with the Taliban to achieve stability in Afghanistan.”  Given what seems to be a failing strategy in Afghanistan, public attention has turned to an intensive consideration of our objectives and tactics in the region.  Several public policy entities as well as some of our NATO allies have proposed that engaging the Taliban would be one route to peace in Afghanistan, though that proposal is not without controversy.  The second round will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 8:30 p.m. in SSB 118.

Arguing for the motion will be team "Ramrod"  (Ryan Anderson -- junior, undeclared, and Thomas Osterman -- freshman, Economics) and team "Bad Horse: Thoroughbred of Sin" (Grant Kinney -- sophomore, International Studies, and Allison Massey -- junior, History). Opposing the motion will be team “Code Red" (Christy Strong -- junior, Art/Biology, and Kyle Benson -- sophomore, undeclared) and team "Dynamic" (CamTu Nguyen -- junior, Pharmacy, and Jon LaCoste -- sophomore, Physical Education).

For more information about the Cabin Fever Debates, visit the Cabin Fever Debates Web site or contact Steven Johnson at (907) 786-4391.