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RHA Program Funding Request

Looking for funding for an event in your residence hall or apartment at UAA? The Residence Hall Association in UAA's On-Campus Living community has got you covered with the RHA Program Funding Request.

Funding Requests should be submitted to the RHA Executive Board before weekly meetings and prior to General Assembly Meetings.

Voting on proposals may be voted on at time of request or at the following meeting at the General Assembly's discretion.

NOTE: all funding requests must be submitted in time to be voted on AT LEAST two full weeks (14 days) prior to your event if there is a date-specific need for funding. We recommend a minimum of 3 weeks for programs containing food, prizes, or charges for admission.

To continue to receive future funding for programs, recipients must attend the first RHA General Assembly meeting immediately following the event to provide a detailed report, including attendance, on the success of the event.

Please also note: if you are a Residence Life student staff member requesting funding, you must also submit a DRL program request for approval from you supervisor. Please include any RHA funding notes in your request.

RHA Funding Proposal Request

RHA Spring 2018 Request Form for On-Campus Living residents

  • Submit this form and prepare for a brief presentation at an RHA General Assembly meeting. You'll have a maximum of five minutes to present your proposal.
  • Your proposal must be submitted to the Executive Board by no later than 5pm on Thursdays prior to General Assembly meetings (see submission schedule, above). The General Assembly meeting you present at must be at 2 weeks or 14 business days prior to your desired event, or 3 weeks prior for program requests that include food, prizes, decorations or charge for admittance.
  • Voting on proposals may occur at time of presentation, or at the following meeting at the General Assembly's discretion.

Please Note:

  • For programs that have a Guest Speaker or Performer, you must submit your funding request 30 days prior to the event.
  • To continue to receive funding, you must attend an RHA General Assembly meeting the week following the event to present a detailed report (including event attendance) regarding the success of the event or program.