Available Programs

First-Year Residential Experience

This program is for first-year college students under the age of 20 who have completed 20 or less college credits. Residents are provided with resources and activities to help them with the transition to college life, such as peer support and mentoring, social events, workshops on academic and personal growth, tutoring and study groups, and opportunities for leadership and community service. FYRE activities including an annual Student-Faculty Social, Dining with the Deans, and the FYRE Graduation each April.


The Faculty-in-Residence lives in the residential community, participates in Residence Life events, offers office hours to residential students, and coordinates monthly academic programs/workshops in the On-Campus Living community. The Faculty-in- Residence program was created in Fall 2016 after receiving sponsorship from the UAA Annual Fund for Excellence Award. The Department of Residence Life, in partnership with University Housing, Dining, and Conference Services, administers this program as an academic initiative serving the nearly 1,000 students living on campus. Nationally, Faculty-in-Residence programs have a long history of enhancing the academic environment of residential communities, and we are excited to have this tradition to UAA.

Meet the current faculty-in-residence

Alaska Native, Indigenous & Rural Outreach Program (ANIROP)

In 2005, UAA Residence Life, University Housing, Native Student Services (NSS), Recruitment and Retention of Alaska Natives in Nursing (RRANN), Alaska Natives in Psychology (ANPsych), Alaska Native Studies, Alaska Native Oratory Society (AKNOS), and the Dean of Students Office collaborated bring the Cama-i Room, housing the Alaska Native, Indigenous & Rural Outreach Program to the UAA campus.

A fundamental purpose of the ANIROP program is to provide a high level of care and interest in the personal adjustment to college and the academic success of Alaska Native, Indigenous, Native American and rural students living on campus. Through early and continuous outreach efforts, the staff connect these students to academic support services and culturally appropriate counseling services, when needed. The ANIROP coordinator serves as a mentor, advocate, transition liaison, personal and academic success ally, resource provider, referral source, and educator for all UAA students living on campus, with a specific focus on students living on campus. As a campus liaison, the coordinator builds partnerships with businesses, corporations, agencies, and community members encompassing the indigenous communities of Anchorage for the benefit of students living on campus.

Cama-i Room

The Cama-i Room is a social gathering place and study center for all UAA students, providing culturally-focused activities and a "home-away-from-home" to ease the transition of Alaska Native, Indigenous, Native American, and rural students living in UAA’s On-Campus Living community. The room is located in the Gorsuch Commons. Cama-i (pronounced Cha-my) is a Yupik and Alutiiq word for "welcome” and “hello,” and encompasses the spirit in which this space was created. The Cama-i Room is managed by the Alaska Native, Indigenous & Rural Outreach Program (ANIROP) Coordinator and a staff of student Cama-i Room Hosts.

Ohm Campus Living Yoga & Wellness

In the fall 2017-spring 2018 academic year, the Department of Residence Life debuted a wellness program to meet student requests for more wellness, mindfulness, and stress reduction-based programming. 2017-2018 academic year offerings included free, weekly Introduction to Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes in the Gorsuch Commons featuring a certified instructor with all yoga props provided. The program will continue in the 2018-2019 academic year with free yoga and meditation classes, special events featuring guest speakers on a variety of wellness topics, wellness walking and running groups.