WOLF PACK Leaders - 2012-2013:

 We believe that it is easier to succeed when you have help. We are here to provide that help.

Ana Tatafu


Ana Tatafu - Class of 2016

Status: Sophomore

Hobbies: Watch movies, attending dances, play intermural sports, eating, and sleeping whenever possible.

Best part of being a WOLF PACK Leader: She likes to be an example for future students; she enjoys leading new students through their first year and wants to provide them with the support they need.



Ashleigh Gaines



Ashleigh Gaines - Class of 2016

Status: Sophomore

Hobbies: poetry, sports, and mentoring youth in the NAACP Act-So Youth Program. 

Best part of being a WOLF PACK Leader: Knowing that I get to help students be successful in college and teach them about the wonderful UAA campus.




Emmanuel Dragule


Emmanuel Dragule - Class of 2016

Status: Sophomore

Hobbies: enjoys playing basketball and soccer; running clears my mind when I feel I'm about to overload.

Best part of being a WOLF PACK Leader: I think being a part of this team, I feel I am a part of something bigger; I like working with all different types of students; watching the student succeed and doing positive things on and off the UAA campus really runs my interactions with them.




Jeff Brion


Jeff Brion - Class of 2016

Status: Junior

Hobbies: Singing, playing and writing music on multiple instruments including piano and guitar; acting, dancing, swimming, and studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Best part of being a WOLK PACK Leader: I'm able to use both all the information I gain and the mistakes I made here at UAA and use them to help other students.



Ryan Liu


Ryan Liu - Class of 2013

Status: Senior

Hobbies: Martial arts, video games, snowboarding, movies, and music

Best part of being a WOLF PACK Leader:






Ruddy Abam


Ruddy Abam - Class 2015

Status: Sophomore

Hobbies: Enjoys modeling, reading, playing tennis and soccer, volunteering in the community, and hanging out with friends.

Best part of being a WOLF PACK Leader: She enjoys meeting and getting to know new students; learning net-working skills that will come in handy in the future!