The Consortium Library Prize lauds an exemplary undergraduate research project from any discipline which demonstrates evidence of significant scholarly investigation and utilization of library resources, print and archival as well as electronic. The selected student will be officially recognized university-wide and will be honored with a $500 award.

Deadline: The spring 2014 deadline is 5:00pm March 19th, 2014.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be accepted in an associate or baccalaureate degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage (any campus) and must be enrolled in at least three credits for the current semester
  • The research project must have been completed in the Spring, Summer, or Fall semesters following the receipt of the award (i.e. if you receive the award in Spring 2012, the project must be completed in the Spring 2012, Summer 2012 or Fall 2012 semesters).  Research projects completed in Spring 2012 are eligible for the award as long as the final paper can be submitted by the March, 2012 deadline.

Application: Complete applications will include the items listed below. Please include page numbers.

  • Application cover sheet
  • Reflective Essay (750 - 1000 words) about the research project. Must include a discussion of the methods of research inquiry employed, and should include discussion of how you used library resources and tools in completing the project.
  • Finalized paper
  • Properly cited bibliography of all sources consulted
  • Letter of support from a faculty mentor

All applications must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship located in Rasmuson Hall 115. 

Selection Criteria
Designation of prize is determined by clear evidence of superior information literacy and proficiency in scholarly assessment of sources, finely-honed critical and analytical skills, original and creative inquiry, and noteworthy contribution to field of study. All projects which do not fully comply with institutional regulations will be disqualified.

An information literate person:

  • recognizes and articulates the need for information
  • understands how information is organized
  • develops and implements an effective process or search strategy to meet the information need
  • locates, retrieves, and selects appropriate information
  • evaluates the information and the effectiveness of the search
  • organizes, synthesizes, and uses the information appropriately

Conditions of Award
The research project selected for the Library Prize will be displayed in the Consortium Library. The student honored by the award must give an oral presentation describing his or her work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and submit a one-page essay describing the impact of the undergraduate research process upon their academic experience.

Instructions for Completing the Cover Sheet:

  1. Download the interactive .pdf file.
  2. Either (a) complete the form electronically and print or (b) print the form and complete by hand.
  3. Collect necessary signatures.
  4. Either (a) submit the completed cover sheet and all other application materials to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship in RH 115 or (b) scan the completed, signed cover sheet and submit all application materials by email to

UAA Consortium Library Prize Cover Sheet

These forms may also be picked up from the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship in RH 115.

Questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at 907-786-4874 or