Major Scholarships and Fellowships

Psychology major Reality Canty explains his research at the Undergraduate Research Presentations.

Psychology major Reality Canty discusses his research

Major scholarships and fellowships are among the highest honors that undergraduates or recent graduates can achieve. Many scholarships and fellowships offer recipients the chance to study or conduct research abroad while others fund post baccalaureate education at a significant level.

Major scholarships and fellowships build on a student’s undergraduate achievements in important ways and the benefits of winning such awards are numerous. Major scholarships and fellowships not only reward academic performance and commitment to community, but compliment other areas of life as well. Such awards are gateways to significant career opportunities and personal and intellectual growth.

These prestigious awards are highly competitive at the national and/or international level and require applicants to have more than just an excellent academic record. Students must also possess a solid record of leadership, community service and, often, research.

The applications for major scholarships are exacting and demand attention and creativity. In addition to extensive forms, candidates must provide multiple letters of recommendation, compelling personal statements and, in many cases, undergo a rigorous interview process. Many major awards stipulate that candidates must have their applications endorsed by or be officially nominated by their university.