Parking Permits - General 

Why do I have to pay for a permit?

In order to raise sufficient funds each year to maintain the parking lots, the University of Alaska
Anchorage utilizes the permit system for parking on the Anchorage campus. Vehicles parked on
campus must display either a valid parking permit, day pass, Pay 'n Park receipt, or utilize one of
the metered parking spaces. 

Why are prices increasing?

Parking permits have not seen a price increase since 2009, but construction of new parking facilities,
as well as increased maintenance costs on existing facilities, have made a price increase a necessity.
The price increase will be phased in over 3 years.

I used to order a Yellow permit, what should I get now?

The permit that would be best for your situation is most likely the Full Day permit. This will allow
you access to all the same lots you had access to under a Yellow permit, plus all UAA parking garages.
This permit is valid from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

I used to order a Green permit, what should I get now?

The permit that would be best for your situation is most likely the Evening permit. This will allow
you access to all the same lots you had access to under a Green permit, plus all UAA parking
garages. This permit is valid from 4:00pm to 7:30pm.


I'm getting a Full Day+Housing permit, do I still need 
a separate sticker from Housing?

With the introduction of the new Full Day+Housing parking permits, you will no longer need to
have a second, sticker on your vehicle in addition to your parking permit.


How do I purchase the new Full Day+Housing permit?

Only current semester residential students are eligible to apply for the Full Day+Housing
parking permit. To purchase the new permit:

   1.Log in to your account on,
      or create an account if you do not have one.

   2.Once you are logged in, click on the <click here>area under "Buy Permits".
      You will be prompted for your University ID number.

   3.Enter your information. The next screen should show a list of permits available for purchase,
      with pre-approved permits highlighted.

   4.Select the Full Day+Housing permit, and continue with the checkout process.


I used to order a Platinum permit, what should I get now?

The privileges provided by Platinum and Yellow permits have been combined into the Full Day
permit. This will allow you access to all the same lots you had access to under a Platinum permit
plus the Engineering parking garage. This permit is valid from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

How do I purchase a parking permit? 

Permits can be purchased online at The Permit Store. Parking permits can also be purchased in
the Parking Services office. The Parking Services office has relocated as of August 17, 2015 to
3800 University Lake Drive. The office is open Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-5:00 pm &
Fridays 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

How do I replace a lost or stolen permit? 

Come into that Parking Services office and fill out paperwork reporting your permit lost/stolen.
Once you have submitted the paperwork we will reissue you a permit for $10. This cancels the
old permit and gives you a new permit. If your old permit is found on campus we will alert UPD
that we have located the stolen permit. The vehicle displaying the stolen permit will be cited, the
permit may be seized and the vehicle may be booted/immobilized.

What do I do until I receive my permit in the mail? 

You need to print a temporary permit. To print a temporary permit, you will go to The Permit Store.

    1.Log into your account

    2.Click on "Account"

    3.Choose "View Permits" (in the center column)

    4.Choose "Print Temp"

    5.When Temporary Permit is printed, place it on the driver's side dashboard

The Temporary Permit will expire. If you do not receive your permit by the day before the
expiration date, please contact Parking Services at (907) 786-1119

Can I use my permit with more than one car?

Yes, up to 3 vehicles may be associated with any permit. You need only make sure that your
account is updated with your vehicle information, and that your vehicles are associated with
your permit. A valid permit must be displayed on any vehicle that is parked on campus. If
more than one of your vehicles needs campus access at the same time, an additional permit
should be purchased, or a Pay'n'Park permit should be purchased from a machine in our lots.

How do I add another vehicle to my permit? 

To add another vehicle, you will go to The Permit Store

    1.Log into your account using the e-mail address 

       and password you used to set up the account.

    2.Click on "Account"

    3.Click on "View Permits"

    4.Click on the blue circle under "Vehicle" for your active permit

    5.Click on "New Vehicle"

    6.Add vehicle information, then "Add"

    7.The original vehicle will appear to have been removed

    8.Click on "Manage Vehicles" - All current vehicles will appear and will be on your permit.

Make sure to place the permit in the driver's side window of the vehicle you are driving onto campus.

Can I get a second permit decal?

No, each permit sold will only receive 1 decal. If your decal is damaged, lost, or stolen,
you may visit the Parking Services office to obtain a replacement.



Enforcement & Citations

When are parking rules enforced? 

Permit and meter enforcement is Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-7:30 pm while classes are in session.
All other parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permits and meters are
not enforced when the University is closed. 


How do I pay a citation? 

There are three options to paying your citation. First, pay online at The Permit Store.
Second, pay in person at our office, 3800 University Lake Drive. Third, pay by check or
money order, made payable to UAA, through the mail or by dropping it in one of our
drop-boxes. Drop-boxes are located at Eugene Short Hall and outside the Bookstore.
Be sure to write the citation number and your license plate number on the check or money order. 


How long do I have to pay my citation? 

You have 14 days to pay the citation before a $25 late fee is added to the fine.  After 14 days
from the date of issuance one or more of the following actions will occur: 

  • your right to appeal will be forfeited

  • the citation will be placed on your student account

  • a hold will be placed on your student account and a $50 administrative fee will be
    assessed if 3 or more citations are outstanding

  • parking privileges may be revoked.


How much are citations? 

Citations range from $35 to $500 depending on the violation. 


I wasn't driving the vehicle at the time, why do I have to pay? 

The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for either paying or appealing the citation.
The ultimate responsibility of the debt belongs to the registered owner of the vehicle
per Alaska Motor Vehicle Statutes. 

I don't agree with the citation, what can I do? 

You may submit an initial appeal online at The Permit Store within 14 calendar days. Be sure
to include your correct email address, phone number, and the citation number. All first
appeals are entered using the online appeal process to ensure accurate processing and
written documentation with a time/date stamp within the 14-day eligibility window. 

What happens if I don't pay a citation?

If a citation goes unpaid for 14 days, the right to appeal the citation is forfeited, and a $25 late
fee is assessed. If a citation goes 45 days without payment, a charge is placed on the
responsible party's student account, and the citation is closed. Student account charges of this
type also place a hold on the student account, preventing retrieval of transcripts. Parking holds
do not generally prevent registration unless the total amount owed exceeds $300.00. Further
collections processes are handled by the University's Accounting department.

Why was my car booted or impounded? 

Vehicles on UAA property may be booted if the vehicle has three or more outstanding citations.
The charge for the "boot" is $50.00. Failure to resolve the citations may result in the commercial
 towing of the vehicle from campus at the owner's expense. Unauthorized removal of, or damage
to, an immobilization device is a criminal offense and will be reported to University Police.