Committee Purpose and Charge

The PBAC Facilities Committee is a working team charged with reviewing, discussing, and analyzing physical facility planning and stewardship issues and making recommendations to the Chancellor’s Planning and Budget Advisory Council (PBAC). Reflecting PBAC guiding principles, this group has been established to:

  • Create effective linkages and relationships between campus planning (strategic, enrollment, academic, etc.) and capital planning;
  • Promote transparency and accountability in our priority setting and resource allocation;
  • Ensure campus leadership participation in facilities decision making processes;

More specifically, the charges and expectations of the PBAC-FC include the following:

  1. Create and implement processes that provide guidance and direction for addressing administrative, classroom, and lab space needs.
  2. Provide overall guidance and leadership on “big picture” issues impacting facilities use and development, including space utilization and planning done under the umbrella of UAA’s Land Use Master Plan.
  3. Advise the campus administration on the development of MAU priorities for capital budgeting.
  4. Provide overall guidance and recommendations to PBAC on facilities naming, campus wayfinding, and campus art, as needed.

The committee is advisory to PBAC which is advisory to the Chancellor.  Ex-officio members will serve indefinitely; all others will serve on the Committee for a two year term.