Degree Programs

The Philosophy Department offers several options for students interested in the study of philosophy: (1) a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a philosophy track, a religious studies track, a law track, or an applied ethics track; (2) a Certificate of Applied Ethics; (3) a Minor in Philosophy. Please read the introduction to each program to determine which one of these options may be suitable for your particular needs.

The following Advising Checklist is an outline of the coursework required for a BA in Philosophy and is intended as a guide. It is highly recommended that students meet with an academic advisor.

Students can also use DegreeWorks, an electronic degree audit program and academic advising tool, to review their degree progress.

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Student Outcomes

Students completing the BA in Philosophy should be able to:

  • Identify, comprehend, analyze and evaluate complex philosophical arguments in oral and written discourse.

  • Understand, analyze, interpret and apply major works in the areas of the History of Philosophy, Ethics and contemporary topics.


Course Catalog

It is the responsibility of the individual student to become familiar with the policies and regulations of the University of Alaska Anchorage printed in the Course Catalog.