Faculty Members

Fritz Allhoff
Adjunct Instructor
E-mail: fritz.allhoff@uaa.alaska.edu
Website: www.allhoff.org
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara;
J.D., University of Michigan
Biomedical Ethics

Raymond Anthony
ADM 260
E-mail: rxanthony@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4459
Ph.D., Purdue University
Ethical Theory, Animal, Environmental, and Food Ethics, Philosophy of Technology

Stephanie Bauer
Associate Professor and Chair
ADM 259
E-mail: slbauer@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4677
Ph.D., Washington University
Bioethics, Feminist Philosophy, Ethics

ADM 261
Term Instructor
E-mail: hdeeryii@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4869
M.A., Colorado State University
Eastern Philosophy (Buddhism)

Kristin Helweg Hanson
Adjunct Professor
ADM 255
E-mail: kahanson@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4438
Ph.D., Emory University
Eastern and Western Philosophy and Religion, Alaska Native Studies, Women in Religion

Bill Jamison
Term Instructor
E-mail: wsjamison@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4458 or 907.786.7649
M.A., West Chester University
Ethics, Logic, Hegel

Scott Jonsson
Adjunct Instructor
E-mail: sajonsson@uaa.alaska.edu
M.A., Northern Illinois University
Logic, Intro to Philosophy

Terry Kelly
Assistant Professor
ADM 258
E-mail: tmkelly2@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4664
Ph.D., Saint Louis University
Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of the Social Sciences

John Mouracade
Associate Professor & Interim Dean, University Honors College
ADM 259
E-mail: jmmouracade@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4437
Ph.D., University of Rochester
Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics, Logic

Joel M. Potter
Term Assistant Professor
ADM 278
E-mail: jmpotter3@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4163
Ph.D, The State University of New York at Buffalo
Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics

Staff and Location

Mailing Address

University of Alaska Anchorage
Philosophy Department, ADM 254
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

Physical Location
3800 Alumni Drive
Administration/Humanities Building 254
Anchorage, AK 99508
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Department Chair
Stephanie Bauer

ADM/Humanities - 259
Email: slbauer@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4677
Fax: 907.786.4309

The Department of Philosophy is now served by the administrative team for the Humanities Division, most of whom are housed in the English suite:

Kathy Woodhead
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Office: ADM 101-C
Phone: 786-6016

Erin Day
Academic Adviser
Office: ADM 101-R
Phone: 786-1357

Rebecca Coffin
Academic and Divisional Support
Office: ADM 101
Phone: 786-4357

Leslie Breest
Student Support and Graduate Affairs
Office: ADM 101
Phone: 786-4355