The Department of Physics & Astronomy

Physics is the universal science.  It is the rational development of experiments, observations, and theories to explain the fundamental structure of the universe.  Physicists study everything from the smallest subatomic particle to the entire universe.  

The laws that physicists have discovered form the basis for understanding the world and also for making the devices and machines that we see and use everyday.  

The Physics minor will provide a valuable option especially to Engineering, Math, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, or Geological Sciences majors.  It is widely known that a strong physics background increases a graduate's employability.  


A Collection of Photos from Various Departmental Activities & Accomplishments

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  • Professor James Pantaleone doing a demonstration
  • VBD 141, Photo by Prof. Travis Rector
  • Professor Pantaleone doing an experiment.
  • Division Research was published in the Journal of Chemical Physics and featured on the cover!
  • PHYS123L 01
  • PHYS 124L Induction Lab Setup
  • PHYS 124L Pasco Lens
  • PHYS 124L student motors
  • PHYS 124L Mass on Spring
  • PHYS 124L Standing Wave
  • PHYS 211L
  • Dr. Erin Hicks, Planetarium Director

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Quantum Mechanics!

Are you interested in taking Quantum Mechanics?  PHYS 403 is a 4-credit course, which will cover the physics of the very small. It will be offered next Spring: on M/W at 4:00-5:40pm.  The instructor will be Jim Pantaleone; contact him if you have questions about the course or its prerequisites. This course is not offered very often, so take it while you can!