Our Patrons

Our PatronsWe are extremely grateful for the support of ConocoPhillips, for without their generous support our facility would not have been possible.

We are also grateful for the generous contributions of our members!  Our current and past supporters are listed below.  For more information about the levels and benefits of membership, and to become a member yourself, please see our Membership page.

Current Supporters (2013-2015)

Saturn Supporters

Amy Neill and Lee Cromwell

Jupiter Supporters

Louise H. Colbert

Walter S. Almon

Lloyd and Joan Morris


Mars Supporters

Glenn and Kim Foust

Cindy and David Schraer

Frederick Rainey and Alanna Small

Amy and Brian Meissner

Rob Hensch and Bhree Roumagoux

Donald F. Bladow


Venus Supporters

Sonia McCants

Betsy and Thomas Chivers

Frances A. Ulmer

Harry C. Haywood

Gary Guarino and Janet Platt

Craig and Monique Stowers

David W. and DeAnne M. Rand

Carolyn and Frederick Voss

Joyce C. Colajezzi

Jackie and Sam Cason

Joyce J. Colajezzi

Bernd and Paula Guetschow

Thomas and Louann Balensiefer

Paul and Joan Landis

Michael D. Oblath

Carole and Don Henry

Kathryn and Joey Laba


Philip and Wiranda Todd

Family Members

Harry C. Haywood

John L. Wetherby

Chad Wagner

Craig and Suzanne Goodrich

Carolee and Randy Hamilton

Roy C. Ehrhart

Micah Kerr and Camela Marroquin-Kerr


Linda and Gordon Wetzel

Shannon Gramse and Sarah Kirk

Gregory and Sue Cushing


Brett and Tammy Woern

Randy and Anastasia Kiefer

Cheri E. Yoesting

Kimberly Lloyd

Lori L. Browning

Joyce and Scott Widness

Harry and Leslie Need


Stasia C. Straley


Brian Pittsenbargar

Tracy and Thomas Lohman

Janet Bidwell

Patricia A. Anderson

David Blanchet

John Sadusky

Kathryn and Lubbie Jenkins


Michael Bradley

Thomas Griffin

Drew Hamilton

Sarah Schultz

Mark Worcester

Robin A. Dublin

Marie E. Lowe

Gloria A. Tomich

Alice J. Wright Belden

Stephen L. Mailloux


Leslie A. Tuovinen

William and Karen Workman


Charles and Judy Potts

Caroline P. Bolar

Don and Candy Olson

Marilyn May and Jim Lawlor

Kathleen M. McCoy

Mary R. Piaskowski

Stephanie S. Morgan

Debbie Pepper

Alexandre C. Marban

Shilliam Family

Michael and Sharon Chriss

Joseph P. Meehan

Nicole A. DeYoung

Nadezhda I. Mitchener


Tamra L. Aguilar

Bob and Tracey McDonnell

Cal Y. Craig

Gokhan Karahan


Joan and James Blees

Caroline P. Bolar

Tim Wiepking and Barbara Brown

Stanley Brown and Donna Lee

Kathy Burgess and David Greet

Roger Highland and Marsha Burns

Judith and Harold Campbell

Megan and Rod Carlson

Betsy Chivers

John and Sandra Christopherson

Penelope Cordes and Lloyd Eggan

Carolyn Cox

Maryann and Gerry DePriest

Dawn Dinwoodie and Rod Worl

Roland G. Dixon

Richard Emanuel and Julie Dumoulin

Bruce and Becky Erickson

Greta L. Goto

Daniel Lien and Terry Gryting

April and Jonathan Halpern

Sandy Harper

Toni R. Harsh and Wayne M. Robinson

Harry C. Haywood

Jean and Marc Hellenthal

P.J. Hill and Mimi Hogan


George and Elizabeth Horton

Richard and Teresa Hull

Lora Kemplen

Sylvia Kaderman

Star Gazers

Shelly Matherne

Shirley A. Mathews

Susan and Phillip Means

Mia Miller and Paul Harris

Elaine Mills

Nick Moe

Linda R. Moffitt


Marti Morehouse

Judith Owens-Manley and Brian Manley

Dana R. Patton

Alan L. Pongratz

Joy L. Rivera

Wendy and Doug Robbins

Douglas and Marjorie Smith

Deborah and Francis Soltis

William Sosnowski and Jill Maxwell

Michelle Tabler

Elizabeth Taylor

William and Jean Thompson

Andrew L. Tibor

Larry A. Vanderlinden

Kathleen M. Whitson

Individual & Student Members

Diane Greger



Pamela J. Hanneman

Stephanie F. Whaley

Barry M. Wyman

Ann E. Brown

Martha Herriott

Sandy Dinse

Mary Ramsden

Robert and Cynthia Holt

Bryan R. Silva

Peggy McFarland

Samuel Moore

Jackie Pflaum

Julie and Ken Varee

Karina Reynolds

Bonnie A. Getter

Becky and Kris Laubenstein

Molly J. McGrath

Rafal N. Ferdynus

Kyle S. Pace

Terri and Nathan Collins




Rebecca E. Duryea

Susan M. McIver

Alex and Pearl Tatum

Abe I. Nebuchadnezzar

Kathleen S. Dunning

Duo Ning

Karen L. Hardy

Jon S. Allen

Kyle A. Tatchell

Joshua D. Ayers

Wendy Carrio

Anneliese M. Wagner

Katherine R. Taylor

Matthew V. Ahlrichs

Christina L. Seidler

Roy Edward N. Valdez

Meredyth K. Richards

Alexander J. Carver

Janet Asaro

Freddy D. Camarena, Jr.

Mark Dickerson

Marcus A. Dolejsi

Megan C. Fowler


Dora L. Gropp

Larry R. Harrison

Eric N. Holzschuh

Steven C. Horn

Daniel R. Jost

Amanda N. Kelsey

Burhan A. Khan

Ana I. Lambrano


Ian F. Minnock

Fritz G. Nagel

Lynn N. Ragle

Ronni E. Ritter

Jayme R. Schroeder

Lela E. Sieler

Therese A. Smith

Bryan C. Sooter

Christina A. Soria

Gerda and John Trent

Jaime F. Wegener

Parker A. Whaley

Barry M. Wyman

Past Supporters (2009-2013)

If you believe your name is on this list in error, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.  Or if you would like to renew your contribution, please visit our Membership page!
Saturn Supporters

Dorothy Case & Friends

Amy Neill and Lee Cromwell

Jupiter Supporters

Julius and Lucille Brecht

Mary E. Christopherson

Melanie McCleave and Edward Ruebling

Lloyd and Joan Morris

Megan and Brad Olson

William and Elise Theobald

Mars Supporters


Amy and Brian Meissner

Ivy Spohnholz and Troy Bowler

Craig and Monique Stowers

Venus Supporters

Bernadette K. Borealis

Omer and Carol Carey

Marvin E. Colbert, Jr.

Michael DeMolina and Wanda Warren

Kaladi Brothers Cafe

Steven and Joanna Menaker

Peter and Jo Michalski

Joan and Lloyd Morris

Gary Guarino and Janet Platt

James and Karla Powell

David W. and DeAnne M. Rand

Tim and Ann Rittal

Robert Hensch and Bhree Roumagoux

David and Alexandra Sonneborn

Gretchen and Mike Stoddard

Carolyn and Frederick Voss

Family Members

Ma Theresa E. Alabanzas

Daniel and Kristina Alsdorf

Dana and Donald Anderson

Sally Archer and Douglas Terhune

Earle and Sally Ausman



Charles and Bernice Baker

Thomas and Louann Balensiefer

David and Deborah Ballard

Sarah R. Ballard

Thomas and Denise Barrett

Christopher D. Beck

Kiatcha L. Benson

Diane and Tom Bibeau

Janet Bidwell

Brad R. Bodde

Douglas and Marybeth Briney


Donald and Marjorie Brugman

Charles and Sharon Buck

Sharon and Charles Buck

Susan and John Bury

Finoa Butler-Shirley and Geoffrey Butler

Marsha and Donald Callaway

Patrick and Mara Carnahan

Allan and Rachel Carraway

Christina E. Carter

Gregory and Tami Choquette

Bret and Nancy Clark

James A. Clark

Romaine and Marcia Clark

Sally R. Cocallas

Thomas and Elizabeth Crafford

Richard and Carol Crosby

Judith C. Cunningham

Patrick and Marietta Cunningham

Gregory and Sue Cushing

Melody E. Davis

Cynthia M. Douthit

Paul M. Dowling

Joyce and Ronald Dudley

Thomas Ravens and Marie-Louise Ellenbroek

Susan Fallon

Hannah A. Ferguson

Lisa H. Fields

Heidi and David Fison

Brian and Kim Flaherty

James K. Foster

Kristin A. Garrison

Arlene C. Gerety

James D. Gibson, Jr.

Karen J. Gibson

Margaret and Nelson Gingerich

Sami and Robert Glascott


Clifford Grebil

Daniel and Lois Gross

Carrie Gruhn

Olga A. Guerra

Michael and Jane Halko

Linda and William Hall

Karin Halpin

Dianne and Clayton Halverson

John and Gwen Hanley

Michael C. Hazen

Stephen Hinds and Debra Hodge

Erin and Terry Hyer

William and Donna Jamison

Richard J. Jarvis

Benjamin and Rachel Jenkins

David and Frances Junge

Barry J. Kell

Roy Allen and Roisin Kennedy

Valentina and Bruce Kling

Patricia A. Koldeway

Calvin and Lynn Koshiyama

Mary and Thomas Kron

Michael J. Lane

Mary G. Langdon

Sheila M. Lankford


Cheryl J. Lewis

Grant and Christine Lidren

Nell E. Loftin

Tracy and Thomas Lohman

Claire Lumbert

Pamela Lund

Christine and Carl Lundgren

Werner E. Macedo

Ove Madsen and Georgia Gustafson

Doug and Randi Markussen

Tammie McCalmant

Kevin McCoy and Mary Geddes

Christine Z. McDonald

Joseph P. Meehan

Robert Manley and Peggy Mentele

Dannielle and Matt Metcalf

Caroline and Matt Miller

Christina S. Miller

Kathleen and Ed Miner

MIR Parents

Joann C. Mitchell

Christine K. Mojica

Deborah Mole and Todd Brown

Mary S. Moline

Alexander and Kathleen Monterrosa

Stephanie S. Morgan

Gregory D. Morris

Matthew T. Morse

Harry and Leslie Need

Stephen O'Hara and Tiffany Abbott

Peter J. Oswald

Kerry and Connie Ozer

Helen V. Peters

Tracey Pilch


Yelena and Brien Reep

Mala J. Reges

Raymond and Tracy Reno

Dionnah Rickman

Bruce and Rebecca Roberts

James M. Robson

Beth L. Rosenberg

Ira Perman and Virginia Rusch

James A. Rush

Daniel and Ann Safranek

Cynthia M. Sawyer

Michelle Schmidt

Wade Schock and Karen Mailer

William and Carolyn Schrader

Judy and Hans Schwaiger

Jamie Simes

David Sipos and Cathrin Petersen

Spencer and Magna Sneed

Dominic and Mildred Spezialy

Ram and Vani Srinivasan

Greg and Cassandra Stalzer

Stasia C. Straley

Wallace R. Thomas

Sean and Dorothy Tittle

Mary Jo Torgeson

Winifred C. Treitline

Sherry Trumpower and Davis Fitz-Enz

Peter Tryon and Margaret Hayes

Leslie A. Tuovinen

Dennis and Marcia Valenzeno

James and Mary Wanamaker

John L. Wetherby

Joyce A. Widness

Erica and Brian Wight

John and Eva Wilson

Brett and Tammy Woern

Kristin R. Wood

Karen W. Workman

Stephen and Sarah Wright

Cheri E. Yoesting

Individual & Student Members

Callianne E. Adkins

Daniel and Kristina Alsdorf

Hasan M. Alshallah

Angela S. Andersen

Beth A. Baker

Robert L. Barkley

Trina M. Beagley

Ryan G. Beckett

Austin J. Blanch

Bryan P. Box

Ann E. Brown

Deborah L. Bryner

Ramil D. Bulfa

Joshua D. Burton

Devin and Jessica O'Driscoll

Karen C. Cameron

Carolyn C. Castro

Waleed M. Cheema

Cabot and Cynthia Christianson

Terri and Nathan Collins

Cal Y. Craig

Vera R. Crews

Leanne M. Davis

Ira D. Deardorff

Tasha L. Deardorff

Constance M. Dennis

Matthew P. Doogan

Valeriya I. Dorofeeva

Spencer J. Douthit

Michele M. Dunn

Shawn L. Eby

William J. Ehelebe

Elaine and Robert Estey

Rafal N. Ferdynus

Robin E. Ford

Melissa A. Fouse

Andrew D. Fraiser

Daisuke Fukunaga

Lois M. Gilbert

Kate Gordon

Mikhail A. Gorshunov

Weiran Man and Xiaoli Han

Christine L. Hanson

Sharon A. Harbuck

Mary Lu Harle

Jenna L. Harris

Benjamin R. Harrison

Elizabeth Hatton

Jasmine J. Hatton

Thomas and Susan Hawkins

Zachary R. Hepler

Lynda R. Hernandez

Kathleen A. Hoffman

Kenzie and Sean Hogan

Pershing Hill and Mary Hogan

Sean and Kenzie Hogan

Kayla A. Hoog-Fry

Leslie J. Horn

Leslie and Derek Howard

Tina M. Hudspeth

Harold H. Huntington, Jr.

Janelle A. Huntington

Camilla Hussein-Scott

Salome E. Hussein

Keldon B. Irwin

Egil E. Ismar

James and Bethanie Jimenez

Karen Jordan

Vitaliy M. Kaminker

Matthew R. Kanzig

Adrienne M. Keck

Philip Peterson and Tiffany Kelly Peterson

Minhe Kim

Alfred M. Land, III

Ryan M. LeBlanc

Steven E. Locke

Vilayvanh Luangasa

Steven D. Lukshin

Dustin M. Madden

Weiran Man and Xiaoli Han

Tracey A. Mayhew

John McCormick

Joseph M. McGlaughlin

Sean R. McGrane

Susan M. McIver

Daniel J. McKay

Sally Mead

Conrad V. Mentjes

Thomas J. Micke

Anne L. Moeller

JohnLars Lindberg and Kathryn Moore

William E. Moseley

Rebeca E. Mosquera

Pawan Musale and Shruti Shirwadkar

Corinne C. Nakashima

Natalie E. Novik

Devin and Jessica O'Driscoll

Lanette Oliver

Kyle Pace

Mary M. Parker

Terri M. Patton

Louie D. Perez, III

Philip Peterson and Tiffany Kelly Peterson

Steve E. Petraitis

Jackie Pflaum

Aaron D. Pomeroy

James Power and Sarah Hill

Joshua J. Putman

Nannette J. Reed

Jeanne M. Ritchey

Luetta L. Robinson

Blake A. Romero

Theresa A. Rzeczycki

Lee M. Saunders

Marjorie M. Schaefer

Laura C. Schneller

Pawan Musale and Shruti Shirwadkar

Lia O. Slemons

Stuart T. Smith

Travis C. Smith

Royle E. Snodderly

James P. Somerville

PikHa D. Soo

Michael A. Stallings

Nancy L. Stallings

Sarah Streiffert

Brett Swofford

Kristine B. Sy

Alex and Pearl Tatum

John Terenzi

William D. Theobald, Jr.

Adrainne Thomas

Connie T. Thomas

Bonnie W. Tisler


William and Barbara Triplett

Matthew G. Vanagel

Julia J. Vasko

Jillian K. Vlahovich

Claudia S. Wallingford

Brian and Corrina Watts

Rebecca H. Weaver

Jacob D. Wells

Laura T. Whaley

Stephanie F. Whaley

John and Eva Wilson

Natalie A. Wilson

Rich Wooten

Ronald J. Yeager

John V. Young


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