Athletics 103: Student-Athlete Responsibilities


To set forth policy on academic progress, rules and conduct related to student-athletes.


Board of Regents Regulation 09.09.

NCAA Rules


 Student-Athlete: A male or female with extraordinary physical skills that enable him or her to compete against others in team or individual sports while simultaneously working towards a degree in higher education.



The University of Alaska Anchorage endeavors to foster in its student-athletes a sense of personal responsibility and accountability, and an understanding to the efforts required for academic as well as athletic success.

Athletics will publish a Student-Athlete Handbook. The Handbook will be distributed to each student-athlete each year with the understanding that he or she is responsible for the information it contains. The contents will convey information on:

  • Student-Athlete Conduct
  • Advising and Support Services
  • NCAA Rules
  • Media Relations
  • Sports Medicine

Each student-athlete will be required to sign a code of conduct form.

Effective: 2/8/2011