Athletics 105: Wells Fargo Sports Complex Usage


To ensure students, faculty, staff and community members are in compliance with the usage regulations for the Wells Fargo Sports Complex



The University of Alaska Anchorage Wells Fargo Sports Complex exists primarily to enhance the educational and athletic experience available on the Anchorage campus. Realizing that recreation is also an important part of the educational process, the Wells Fargo Sports Complex is available for students, faculty, staff and the public for individual and organized recreation.

General Policies

1. All Complex users must present a valid I.D. card or admission ticket prior to center usage. Personal trainers and coaches for profit must present a valid I.D. card or admission ticket.

2. Appropriate athletic attire is required at all times: no street worn or non-court shoes allowed on court surfaces and no wheeled footwear allowed in the sports complex at any time.

3. No food or drink allowed on lower level.

4. Spectator area on upper level only.

5. All children under 12 must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.

6. Limited equipment may be checked out at the Issue Cage. I.D. card is required at the time of issue. Failure to return equipment will hold the user responsible for paying the replacement cost of lost item and facility use privileges will be suspended until such payment is received.

7. The complex will operate daily, Monday through Sunday, in accordance with the posted semester schedule. The complex will be closed on all university holidays and up to 10 days without notice for needed maintenance. The scheduled activities may be preempted by special events without notice. No refunds will be granted during these closures.

8. The university will not be responsible for accident or injury to users of the facility. UAA will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

9. Locker, shower and sauna facilities are available for authorized users only. Daily use lockers are provided at no charge but may not remain locked over night. Locks left over-night on unrented or daily use lockers will be removed at the owner's expense.

10. Complex users are responsible for knowledge of, and compliance with, all posted regulations and the direction of facility staff members. Users not in compliance with complex regulations or staff direction or persons misusing equipment or I.D. card privileges will be required to leave the complex and can be denied further access without regard to user status or refund.

11. Students, Faculty/Staff and Recreational Use I.D. cards are non-transferable. No refunds will be granted under any circumstances.

Individual Usage

1. Students: Students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours are assessed a student life fee at registration which covers recreational use of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex. The WolfCard is all that is needed for recreational access to the WFSC. Students taking 3 to 5 credits (this option is not available during the summer session) may pay an optional fee of $55.00 per semester for recreational use of the Wells Fargo SportsComplex. This fee must be paid at the Sports Complex issue cage.  Students taking less then 3 credits are not eligible to purchase a student recreation pass.

2. Faculty and Staff: Faculty and Staff (full and part-time) will be afforded use of the complex for recreation programs by purchasing a recreation permit for $55.00 per semester. Employees must present a current employee picture I.D. card(WolfCard) to the issue cage, pay the $55.00 and have the card validated prior to recreation use each semester  

3. Dependents of students and faculty/staff: Dependents of students and faculty/staff may purchase a recreation permit for $110.00 per semester, for a maximum of $250.00 per family.

4. Alumni: Current members of the UAA Alumni Association may purchase a recreation permit for $110.00 per semester.

5. Public Admission:

  • Per Session: The public is invited to use the Wells Fargo Sports Complex during scheduled recreation periods by paying the general admission charge per session, $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per child/senior (under 12/over 60). Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times. Children under 14 are not permitted to use the weight room.
  • Per Semester: A limited number of public use passes will be sold for center use during recreational periods. Passes will be sold at the beginning of the semester on a first-come, first-served basis. If sold during the semester, the price will not be prorated. The card is nonrefundable/not transferable. Adult passes are $200.00 per semester and child/senior passes are $110.00 per semester.
  • Punch Cards: Punch cards good for 20 sessions can be purchased. Adult punch cards are $90.00 and child/senior punch cards are $50.00.

Event Usage

The Wells Fargo Sports Complex is available to the public for rental as time and schedule allow. It is intended primarily as an educational facility and as home for the intercollegiate sports program. Thus, physical education classes and Seawolf sports programs have priority usage. Student recreation, intramurals and club sports round out the internal uses of the center. As facilities become available, the Anchorage community is encouraged to use the building on a rental basis as a venue for their various athletic activities. All use of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex at the University of Alaska Anchorage is by rental reservation only.

User groups and individual will fall into one of the following categories:

1. Internal: This group includes University Departments. Facility use must be directly related to the mission or academic offering of the University. The appropriate Dean or Director must approve all charges and rental fees will be paid directly by the contracting department.  

2. Sponsored Event: A sponsored event is conducted by a non-University, not for profit organization organizing events under the sponsorship of a University Department. Rental contracts must be signed by the organization and billing will be through the University department with approval of the appropriate Dean or Director. 

3.Public: All rentals not conducted or sponsored by the University of Alaska Anchorage will be the University of Alaska Anchorage will be considered "Public Use Rental." Rentals can include pool parties, skating parties, athletic team practices and athletic events. 

Pass Through Costs: All additional cost to the Wells Fargo Sports Complex associated with any rental will be passed on to the Renter. Examples would be - required set-up or janitorial, security, supervisor or maintenance needs. Events requiring bleachers, gated entry, floor coverings, tables or chairs will also be assessed additional charges. Rentals outside normal operating hours of the complex will be charged for all overtime labor.

Please contact the Athletics department at 907-786-1250 for further information about facility usage or to inquire about rates and reservations.


Revised: July 1, 2011