Athletics 101: Philosophy


To identify the University and Athletic Department philosophy.


Board of Regents Regulation 09.09

NCAA Rules & Bylaws

Title IX Regulations


Intercollegiate Athletics: The athletic programs of competing colleges and universities

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA): The governing body devoted to the sound administration of intercollegiate athletics at member institution

Student-Athlete: A male of female with extraordinary physical skills that enable him or her to compete against others in team or individual sports while simultaneously working towards and degree in higher education

Title IX: The body of Federal Regulations dealing with the equal gender treatment for student-athletes



The University of Alaska Anchorage provides opportunities for student-athletes to achieve at the highest levels of both academic and athletic excellence, thereby providing them with opportunities for personal growth, offering a unifying force to the campus community, and creating a source of pride among and support from the external constituencies of the university.

The University is fully committed to the principles of student-athlete welfare, institutional control, gender and ethnic diversity, and sportsmanship. This commitment includes creating an environment where student-athletes contribute to a winning tradition while enhancing the campus and local community and competing in a program having integrity and high ethical standards.

The University of Alaska Anchorage regards the student-athlete primarily as a student, with academic qualifications, individual rights, personal interests, and aspirations similar to those of all students. The graduation rates of student-athletes are expected to be at least equal to those achieved by the student body at large. Student-athletes are encouraged to integrate fully into the broader community of students and to utilize the full range of services and opportunities provided by the university for the benefit of all students.

The University is committed to the administration and conduct of athletic programs in compliance with Board of Regents Regulations, NCAA Rules, and Title IX Regulations.

Effective: 2/7/2011