Sustainability 102: Recycling


To inform staff, faculty and students of the recycling policies and procedures at UAA.



UAA's recycling program is a student run program that currently collects mixed paper, cardboard, metal cans, and plastic bottles all across campus. In FY 2012 (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012) UAA recycled over 110 tons of mixed paper, almost 10 of cardboard,  3,684 pounds of plastics, 1,246 pounds of aluminum and 334 pounds of metals. This resulted in a savings of $7,725 in disposal fees to the landfill for the University. To contribute, check the list of pick-up sites and start recycling today.

If we missed your pick up or you need an extra pick up due to higher than usual levels of materials, because of an office move, or cleaning for example, please send an email to the Recycling Crew Director at 

It is our policy to provide departments with medium to large-sized bins at central collection locations.  Departments are required to provide bins for individual offices.
Recycling do's and don'ts are posted on the recycling page and departments are requested to appropriately process their recycling. If your batch of recycling includes a lot of trash, bottles and cans that are not emptied, or a lot of bottles with caps left on, the batch will be placed in the trash.  It only takes a few seconds and we all need to take responsibility for appropriately processing what we use.

Staff & Faculty
Departments have pick ups for mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum & steel cans, and plastic bottles. Departments are asked to provide their own receptacles for cans & bottles and in individual offices.

Public bins for mixed paper, cardboard, cans & plastic bottles are distributed throughout campus for your use.

What can I recycle and How do I recycle it?

Mixed Paper and Cardboard

  • Mixed paper includes white or color paper, glossy paper, junk mail, window envelopes, paper board (e.g. cereal boxes), gift wrap, paper egg cartons.
  • Staples are ok
  • DO NOT include milk or juice cartons/boxes, hardcover books, binder clips, or metal/plastic bindings
  • Please flatten cardboard before leaving it for pick up


  • Aluminum & steel food or beverage cans are accepted
  • Please rinse off any food left on cans
  • DO NOT include scrap metal of any kind


  • We accept #1 PETE & #2 HDPE bottles or jugs with a neck, plastic bags & stretch wrap.
  • DO NOT include bottle caps, other numbered plastics, tubs (yogurt), cups, take out containers, or bottles which held chemicals.

Computer and Electric Circuit Board Recycling

Federal regulations now classify electronic circuit board containing equipment and computer monitors and television sets (Cathode Ray Tube, flat Light Emitting Diode or plasma) as regulated universal waste and landfills can no longer accept those items for disposal.  UAA departments within the Municipality of Anchorage are required to deliver to or request pick-up of the items from Surplus Property (786-1959). 

Custodial Services will no longer pick up the items as trash. Surplus Property will arrange to recycle the items through licensed vendors and recyclers in accordance with the regulations. 

Community campuses should research local options and develop plans to assure proper recycling of electronic circuit boards and computer monitors and televisions.