Sustainability 104: Green Office Certification


To encourage and recognize departments that have taken extra steps to have greener operations, lowering their operating costs and their environmental footprint.


Certification is contingent on documenting all 5 of the required pre-requisite criteria.The level of certification depends upon the points for the total optional criteria the department meets. Certification is good for 2 years; criteria and other requirements may change over time.

Steps to certification:
1. Download the resource guide at:
2. Convene a departmental green team and review the resource guide.  Using the guide, discuss what your department is already doing and what additional actions you might be able to take.
3. Cross off the actions you are already taking on the checklist, available at the same url as the resource guide (above).  Implement any new initiatives identified at the meeting, and check off those actions as well.
4. Complete the checklist electronically and submit it to the Office of Sustainability electronically at
5. We will contact you to perform an audit and review and arrange to present your plaque.

Certification Levels
  • Bronze (Pre-requisites plus 15 out of 30 points)
  • Gold (Pre-requisites plus 20 out of 30 points)
  • Green (Pre-requisites plus 25 out of 30 points)