UAA Contract Debates

Each spring the Seawolf Debate Program invites a guest team from the World Universities Debating circuit to join us on stage in the Anchorage community for an exhibition debate, pitting our best against theirs. This event is typically sponsored by a business or organization in the community. 

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Past Debates

UAA Vs. Hart House (University of Toronto)

April 21, 2016

UAA: Sam Erickson & Sarah Elton

Hart House: Lex Sundarsingh & Aislyn Flynn

Guest Judges:

Ethan Berkowitz, Mayor of the Municpality of Anchorage

Dr. Kyle Hampton, Director of the Center of Economic Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage

Dr. Stephanie Bauer, Chair of the Philosophy Department, University of Alaska Anchorage

This event was sponsored by Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

Topic: Do consumers have a duty to buy locally?

UAA Vs. Oxford

April 30, 2015

UAA: Matthieu Ostrander & Jonathon Taylor

Oxford: Matt Handley & Carin Hunt

Guest Judges:

Hobo Jim, Alaska Balladier

Anne Midgette, Washington Post Classical Music Critic

Zuill Bailey, Renown Cellist

Topic: This house believes classical music deserves no support beyond that which the market will provide.

UAA Vs. Yale

April 20, 2014

UAA: Brittany Bennett & Matthew Stinson

Yale: Sam Ward-Packard & Sesenu Woldemariam

Topic: No public funds should go to support competitive athletics in public education.

UAA Vs. Harvard

April 25, 2013

UAA: Amy Parrent & Wiley Cason

Harvard: Coulter King & Josh Zoffer

Topic: This house would repeal the 2nd amendment.