Research Proposal Page

If you are a faculty member, student, or staff member in the UAA Psychology Department and would like to recruit participants for your study using the Psychology Research Portal, follow the instructions below to submit your proposal. Once your proposal is accepted, we will post your study to the list of studies currently recruiting participants.

If you are not a faculty member, student, or staff member in the Psychology Department but you would like to use the Psychology Research Portal to recruit participants for your research, please send an email to  describing your request or contact either Dr. Claudia Lampman ( or Dr. Robert Boeckmann ( with questions.


Instructions for Researchers

Click on the following link to view Procedure for Submitting a Proposal to Recruit UAA Psychology Students as Research participants

Procedures for Submitting a Proposal

Click on the following link to submit your proposal to recruit UAA Psychology Students as Research Participants.

Proposal Form


Procedures for Reporting Extra Credit

All faculty and student researchers collecting data from UAA students via the Psychology Department’s Research Portal will need to use the same survey to gather information from participants about the course in which they want to receive extra credit.

The link below leads to an “Extra Credit Survey” that participants will need to fill out for each study they complete.  If you or your students are collecting data through the Psychology Research Portal and students are eligible to earn extra credit for the study, you will need to make this survey link available to all participants:

If you are conducting an online study, you can simply provide this link at the end of the study.

If you are collecting data from participants in person, you can place this link on your posting in the Research Portal and direct students to go back there after completing your study. You could also have them logon to the survey on a laptop once they have completed your study.

The extra credit link:

If you are in need of access to the Extra Credit Survey Link or if you have questions, please contact the Research Portal Administrator at

The study link changes every semester.  If the link has not been updated in the current semester, please contact Research Portal Administrator for the most current link.

If you have any questions regarding this new process please email Dr. Claudia Lampman at