Academic Rooms Scheduling

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for assigning available space for regularly scheduled classes and events on UAA campus. What you may not know is that out of over 200 rooms across the UAA campus, only 56 are at our disposal to schedule over 900 sessions and 500 events per semester! The remaining space (labs, computer labs, classrooms, etc.) is controlled by individual departments at UAA. These 56 rooms are referred to as "Centrally Scheduled" or "General Classrooms".

UAA General Classroom List

The remaining space across campus (classrooms, computer labs, etc.) is controlled by individual departments at UAA.  If you would like to schedule the room which is not found on the General Classroom List, check the following links for additional facilities.

Arts Building

Aviation Complex

Conference Services/The Gorsuch Commons

ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building

Health Sciences Building

Lucy Cuddy Hall

Student Union/Campus Center

Wells Fargo Sports Complex

Wendy Williamson Auditorium



Before requesting a room, please check availability here:


main calendar


Academic Room Scheduling

The Office of the Registrar assigns space for regularly scheduled classes.  Of over 200 rooms across the UAA campus, only 56 are at our disposal to schedule over 900 academic sessions per semester.

Please click here to find the updated UAA General classroom List as well a additional information: photos or rooms, seating capacity and type, applicable restrictions, audio-visual equipment.

Please note that any classes not on this list may be available to you by contacting the departments directly.

If you are authorized by your department to schedule classrooms, and need to make changes to your class schedule, please see the Class Schedule Form and related information by following the links below:

Class Schedule Form

Class Schedule Production Calendar
for important dates and deadlines. 

If you have questions or concerns, contact:

Kathleen Murphy
UAA Facilities Scheduling Coordinator


Meetings and Events

Non-academic events in General Classrooms are scheduled by Conference Services.

Please consider the following when requesting general classrooms for your events:

  • events are scheduled after the academic scheduling for the semester has been completed;
  • events scheduling for a semester starts 2 weeks prior to first day of class;
  • online request form remains the same;
  • contact email for event scheduling remains the same:
  • you can continue using the online tools to check room availability;

New contact is Megan Bladlow, Conference Services Coordinator at 907-751-7273.