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Agencies or employers requesting verification of a student's degree should request this information directly through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) DegreeVerify service. 



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How to order an apostille

General Information

An apostille is when a notarized or certified document is authenticated by the state. This is usually required when the document is going to be sent overseas. Commonly apostilled documents include diplomas or college transcripts. For these documents to be apostilled, they must first either be notarized or officially certified. For example, a copy of your existing diploma or transcript would not be accepted. You would need to order a 'certified' copy of your diploma or transcript from the Office of the Registrar.


Step 1

Complete and sign the Replacement Diploma Application form or the Transcript Request form located on the Registrar's Forms page.

Step 2

Mail form(s) to

Enrollment Services
P.O. Box 141629
Anchorage, Alaska 99514-1629

Please include the following with your request:

  • Your contact information (address, phone number and email address)
  • The name of the country receiving your documents
  • Check or credit card information for $25 to cover the cost of each certified diploma or $15 to cover the cost of each certified transcript.
  • DO NOT SCAN OR FAX THE REQUEST TO UAA - Federal regulations prohibit electronic receipt of credit card numbers. Scanned or faxed requests will be shredded immediately upon receipt.

Step 3

UAA will mail the diploma/transcript with a notarized certificate to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alaska. You should hear form them once they receive these documents. Their office will complete the final process of certification.

Office of Lieutenant Governor of State of Alaska