About Your Diploma

The Registrar's Office prints diplomas at the beginning of each month for all students who earned their degree in the month prior (i.e. diplomas will be printed at the beginning of June for degrees awarded in May). There is one exception. Diplomas will be printed mid-January for degrees awarded in December and will be available for pickup after the Add/Drop deadline. An email will be sent to your preferred email address after your diploma has been printed and is available for pick up at the University Center.

If you live outside of the Anchorage area and are unable to pick up your diploma, please submit a request for your diploma to be mailed. A $10 mailing fee will be charged to your student account within three business days of submission, and you can pay it by credit card in UAOnline (Student Services & Account Information -> Account Detail for Term/Pay Term Balance). You must pay this fee before your diploma will be mailed.

If you intend to have another individual pick up your diploma, they will be required to:

  • present a written signed letter of permission from you with a copy of your photo ID attached
  • present their own photo ID to verify their identity

More Than One Degree

Students who graduate with more than one degree (e.g. BA and BS) will receive a separate diploma for each degree awarded. A student who graduates with more than one major in a single degree (e.g., BBA Accounting and BBA Finance) will receive one diploma with the exception of those students who are admitted into the programs separately (submitted separate applications for admission and separate applications for graduation).


Concentrations and Minors

Concentrations and minors will not be printed on the diploma. Students earning a baccalaureate or master's degree may see their concentrations printed on their official transcript.  If you or your advisor do not know if your concentration qualifies to appear on your official transcript per university policy, please contact degrees@uaa.alaska.edu.


Outstanding Balances

Students must satisfy all unpaid student account balances through the UAA Accounting Office before their diploma will be released.


Name On Diploma

The name on your diploma will be the official name on file with the University at the time of printing. Diplomas are printed with first name, middle initial, last name. UAA will print full middle and maiden names upon request. Requests to print alternate versions of first names will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Inquiries may be sent to degrees@uaa.alaska.edu.


Replacement Diplomas

Application for Replacement Diploma

Graduates wishing to order a replacement diploma for a change of name must submit a Request for Change Form along with documentation.

A Change Form is typically processed within seven business days.  An Application for Replacement Diploma will be processed within five business days or after the Change Form has been processed, if applicable.

All replacement diplomas will be printed with current University President, Chancellor, and Chair of the Board of Regents signatures and will have the words, "Replacement Diploma issued (date)" printed under the university seal.

At the end of one year, any unclaimed/returned diplomas will be shredded. If you believe that your diploma has been shredded, please contact degrees@uaa.alaska.edu for further instruction.


How to Order an Apostille

Apostille Request 

An apostille request will be processed within five business days.