If you live outside of the Anchorage area and are unable to pick up your diploma from the University Center, please provide the information below and click submit. A $10 mailing fee will be added to your account within three business days of submission, and you can pay it by credit card in UAOnline (Student Services & Account Information -> Account Detail for Term/Pay Term Balance). You must pay this fee before your diploma will be mailed.

It is very important that you check your mailing address on file with UAA before submitting this request. To view or update your current mailing address and preferred email address:

  • Login to Secured Area
  • Click on the "Personal Information" tab and then "Update Address(es) and Phone(s)" or "Update Student Preferred E-mail Address"

If you are unable to login to UAOnline, please visit to find your ID and username and set/change your password. If that isn't successful, please call IT at 907-786-4646.

Your UA ID is the 8-digit identification number (3XXXXXXX) given to you by the University.