Login to Faculty-Initiated Drop/Withdrawal Form

A faculty member may initiate a drop or withdrawal for students who fail to meet individual course attendance requirements; however, the faculty member is under no obligation to do so.

At the beginning of the semester, faculty may begin to drop students who fail to attend class by the seventh calendar day of the semester.

Faculty/department-initiated drops and withdrawals are subject to university deadlines.  They are permitted through week 12 of the semester for semester-length (15-week) courses.  For courses other than semester-length, the faculty option to drop or withdraw a student for non-attendance is prorated according to the length of the published course dates.  An instructor withdrawal may be initiated for students who enroll without prerequisites or instructor permission.

To use the faculty-initiated drop/withdrawal form, log in with your UAA username and password (your UAA e-mail/Blackboard password):


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