Non-Traditional Credit

Local Credit By Examination

Degree- or certificate-seeking students may be awarded credit through locally developed comprehensive examinations on specific subjects. However, credit by examination is not available for all courses. Applications for and information on specific courses available through local credit by examination may be obtained from the departments or the local UAA Advising & Testing Center. There is a fee for local credit by exam.

Language Credit by Placement

A degree-seeking UAA student who has completed a Department of Languages UAA catalog course (A102-A301) in residence with a grade of B or better is eligible to receive credit for the two immediately preceding courses, if any, up to a total of 8 credits.

This policy does not apply to credits earned through the College Board Advanced Placement Examination Program, for Special Topics (_93), Independent Study (_97), Language Self Study (LANG prefix), or Department of Languages literature or culture courses.  In order to receive credit, the student must complete the Language Advanced Placement Request Form and pay an administrative fee.

Certified Experience Credit

UAA may award elective or specific course credit for learning that is documented with a professional certification or completion of exams that lead to certification. These certificates indicate that individuals have met certain standards and demonstrated specific competencies. Students should contact departments directly with questions about specific certifications.

At this time UAA does not accept recommendations related to massive open online courses (MOOCs).