Complex Use Rates

Special Summer Rates go into affect April 20, 2015

Due to the closure of the WFSC for renovation the summer of 2015 we are offering a discounted rate for use of the AAC fitness center:
Current Students                                                                  - $20.00 For this summer no students are automatically charged the Recreation Fee so this will be an additional fee for use.
Faculty, staff, continuing students,alumni and dependents - $22.00

Members of the UAA community will be served by the facility during recreation periods by paying appropriate fees each semester.


Students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours are assessed a student life fee at registration which covers recreational use of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex. The WolfCard is all that is needed for recreational access to the WFSC.

Students taking 3 to 5 credits(This fee is not available during the summer session) may pay an optional fee of $55.00 per semester for recreational use of the Wells Fargo SportsComplex. This fee must be paid at the Sports Complex issue cage.  Students taking less then 3 credits are not eligible to purchase a student recreation pass.

To accommodate UAA and other students during summer break, we offer a continuing student pass for $55.00. Students must have been registered during previous fall or spring semester, plan to attend classes during the next fall semester, and have a current student I.D.

Faculty & Staff
Current Employees $55 per semester
Faculty and Staff (full and part-time) will be afforded use of the complex for recreation programs by purchasing a recreation permit for $55.00 per semester. Employees must present a current employee picture I.D. card(WolfCard) to the issue cage, pay the $55.00 and have the card validated prior to recreation use each semester
Dependents & Family
Dependents of students and faculty/staff
$110 per semester ($250 per family maximum)
Current members of UAA Alumni Association
$110 per semester
General Public

General Admission:
12 and over
$5.00 per session
Child/Senior (under 12 & 60+) $3.00 per session

The public is invited to use the Wells Fargo Sports Complex during scheduled recreation periods by paying the general admission charge per session. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times. Children under 14 are not permitted to use the weight room.

Semester Pass:

Adult Public Use

Children/Senior(under 12 & 60+)

$200 per semester

$110 per semester

Limited number of public use passes will be sold for center use during recreational periods. Passes will be sold at the beginning of the semester on a first-come, first-served basis. If sold during the semester, the price will not be prorated. The card is nonrefundable/not transferable.

Punch Cards (20 sessions):
General Public
Child/Senior(under 12 & 60+) $50

Receive a $100 value for $90 on adult tickets and $60 value for $50 on child and senior tickets. A public use punch card can be sold at any time during the year. The card is valid for six months from the date of purchase. The card is nonrefundable and nonreplacable.

Locker Rental :
Per Semester
All lockers are Daily Use Only