Fitness Challenge


The Intramural (I.M.) Fitness Challenge is an individually directed fitness program. Intramural fitness t-shirts are presented to participants who meet their individually determined goals. Point values are assigned to various activities that partcipants choose. Partcipants work out at their own convenience and are responsible for reporting their weekly time to the Intramural office.
Note: This is based on honesty for all who partcipate.


Available to all UAA students, faculty, and staff who have a currnet and valid Wolfcard and/or who have paid the semester recreation fee.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the I.M. Fitness Challenge program is to provide the campus community an opportunity to engage in an individually created fitness program that meets their personal goal. The goal of the program is to encourage all students, staff, and faculty to participate in a safe physical activity that will:

  • improve self-esteem
  • improve fitness
  • reduce stress
  • develop friendships
  • improve skill/ability


Fall Semester- August to October
Spring Semester- January to March


  1. All individuals desiring to participate must register in the Intramural Sports office, room #209 in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex.
  2. At the time of registation, all participants must be an enrolled student, faculty, or staff memeber:
    a) Fill out a risk and release of liabilities form.
    b) State thier individual point goal:150, 200, 250, 300, ect.
    c) Be advised of the procedure for submitting weekly time.
  3. It is the responsibility of the participants to turn in their weekly time sheets so they can be recorded. The completed weekly time sheet should be submitted to the Intramural Sports office no later than 3pm each Monday. However, when there is a holiday, the time form should be submitted the next working day. The reporting format and guidelines must be adhered to in order to receive credit.
  4. Participants must submit an activity log in order to recieve any credit.


When participants meet their individual point goal (150, 200, 250, 300, ect.), they will be awarded an I.M. fitness t-shirt. A list of recipients will be posted outside the I.M. office, at the end of each semester.


Your Choice:

  • Walking (outdoor; indoor track or treadmill)
  • Run/Jog (treadmill, outside, or indoor track)
  • Swimming/Aqua jog (open rec hours)
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Free Runner(eliptical)
  • Weight Training (free weights or Nautilus)
  • Life Step, Versa Limber or Free Climber
  • Basketball (open rec or I.M. league)
  • Aerobics
  • Hockey (open rec or I.M. league)
  • Figure Skating
  • Volleyball (open rec or I.M. league)
  • Jump Rope