Mission of Intramural Sports

The mission of the UAA Intramural Sports Program is to provide a meaningful and beneficial involvement, which allows one to embrace the educational experience offered through sports activities and special events. The Intramural department serves as a means of improving the quality of life, which allows all participants, regardless of degree of skill, an opportunity to develop new friendships, group loyalty, sportsmanship and the respect for all opponents and officials.

Joining a Team

  1. If you are not on a registered team by set deadlines, you may sign up at
    the IM Office and be placed on a team that needs players, or be placed on an inactive waitlist. It is your responsibility to check on your status once scrimmages & leagues begin.
  2. If you are unable to do the above, you should attend games during scrimmages to see whether you can be added or waitlisted to a roster.



Team Captains

Each participating team must have a team captain to conduct all business with the IM Office. It is suggested that great care be taken in the selection of a captain who will be responsible for the following:

  1. Entering his/her team in the desired activity by the entry deadline. Full names and student ID numbers of all members must be submitted, along with signed and completed Acknowledgement of Risks and Release of Liability forms, a team name, as well as the Intramural Participant Sport Activity fee of $10.
  2. Forgery or stealing is not acceptable and will result in automatic suspension from the intramural program as well as further disciplinary actions from the Intramural Director, the University Police, as well as the Dean of Students if deemed necessary.
  3. The team roster will not be accepted as official unless all members of the team have signed the Risk and Release of Liability form; as well as the team captain's signature.
  4. All completed rosters must be submitted into the UAA IM office on or before the deadline to be possibly accepted to participate in league play. This is based on a first come first serve basis.
  5. Any team that is not represented at scheduled captains' meetings will be assessed a penalty.
  6. Checking the eligibility of all players by referring to guidelines and ensuring that all team members bring their current Wolfcards to the scrimmages and games for eligibility checks. If a player on your roster has not shown up for 3 games and you have tried to contact them, you as captain may remove them from your active roster and move the first person of the correct gender on the waitlist up to active.
  7. *Picking up the game schedule, and keeping team members informed as to the date, time, and place of scheduled games and any unscheduled cancellations.
  8. *All team captains, at the end of a game, will be required to initial the score sheet to verify final scores.
  9. *All team captains are ultimately responsible for team conduct during IM league contests, tournaments or special events.
    Protests must be made within 24 hours of the game/contest in question and submitted in writing to the Intramural Director.

Intramural Eligibility Rules

The major purpose of the following eligibility rules are to provide reasonable
and equitable intramural participation for students, faculty and staff. They
are specifically designed with the intent of “exposing”or “disciplining”violators.
It is hoped these procedures will not be necessary. These rules have been
established to serve as a guide for all participants. The spirit of the rules is
extremely important.


Individual Eligibility

  1. All students enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours and/or have paid
    the student activity fee and/or who have a current validated Wolfcard.
    NO ID NO PLAY. It is understood that any IM participant is personally responsible for providing adequate insurance coverage to handle any required personal medical treatment, psychological treatment, and property loss/damage during participation in UAA Intramural/Recreation Sports Programs. (See IM acknowledgement of Risks and Release of Liability form).
  2. Members of the faculty/staff who have paid the activity fee and/or a current validated Wolfcard and have paid the $10 Intramural Participant Activity Fee for Intramural League Play or the $55 Recreational use fee, are also eligible for participation.
  3. Members of varsity athletic squads are not eligible for intramural competition in their specific sport. Members of the varsity athletic squads include individuals who are participating with, or competing in their respective sport and individuals who have been redshirted.
    *One full calendar year must elapse before an individual who participated or red shirted in a varsity sport can participate in their specified intramural sport.
  4. Each individual must compete under his or her name. Any person using
    an assumed name will be barred from intramural competition during that season and any team he/she represented will be penalized with forfeits for all games in which the violator participated.
  5. Any question of interpretation of the rules shall be submitted to the
    Intramural Director in writing for consideration within 24 hours.



Team Eligibility

  1. All participants are required to have a current valid Wolfcard
    before being eligible to participate in any IM program.
  2. A player may represent only one team or organization in the same sport.
  3. A player participating in one contest with a team may not transfer to, or
    play with another team in that sport unless their team is dissolved.
  4. All competitors must have played in at least one regular
    season game for the team they represent in the playoffs.
  5. Any roster changes must be submitted and approved within a 24 hour time
    period to the office of Intramurals, room #209 of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex.

Individual Sports

Intramural individual sports programs are designed to promote motivation
of continued health and physical fitness through personal goal setting at a variety
of fitness levels. Pick a program to help you attain or maintain a level of physical
fitness that meets your needs.The IM department would like to assist you in
any way possible to help you with your program.

Fitness Challenge

Individually directed fitness program. Intramural fitness t-shirts are presented
to participants who meet their individually determined goals. Point values are
assigned to various activities throughout the work week that participants choose. Participants work out at
their own convenience and are responsible for reporting their weekly points to
the Intramural Office.
The purpose of the IM Fitness Challenge program is to provide the campus
community an opportunity to engage in an individually created fitness program
that meets their personal goals. The goal of the program is to encourage all students, staff, and faculty to participate in a safe physical activity that will:

  • improve fitness
  • reduce stress
  • develop friendships
  • improve skill/ability
  • improve self-esteem