1. Rosters are limited to 12 players with a ratio of 8 men and 4 women.

  2. 5 players shall constitute a team. Minimum starting ratio is 3 men and 1
    woman. No more than 3 men can be on the court at a time. At the outset of play, no team shall have fewer than 4 players.

  3. Mercy rule: Any game will end when one team is up 35 points.

  4. Game regulation time will be two 20 minute periods, with a running clock
    and the last 2 minutes of each half with a stopped clock on every dead ball. A 3 minute half time. Each team will be allowed two “30 second" timeouts per half. The clock will stop for injuries.

  5. In case of a tie game a three minute overtime period, with running clock,
    will be played to break the tie. No additional timeouts will be allowed in overtime.

  6. A woman scoring will count 3 points. If a woman is fouled, one additional
    point is also awarded to her team.

  7. Substitutions may be made at any time the ball is dead, i.e., timeouts, fouls, violations, or after a successful free throw. Substitutes must catch the official’s attention and be beckoned on the court.

  8. A 1-and-1 foul shot will be awarded to the opposing team once five team
    fouls have been committed against them.

  9. A free throw must be attempted 5 seconds from the time the ball is at the
    disposal of the shooter.

  10. There are no regulation 3 point goals awarded.

  11. Officials may call a technical foul not only for unsportsmanlike conduct,
    but also for delay of game.This is an automatic two points and possession of the ball.

  12. All Referee callls are final.