CY 2015 Award Winners 

Innovate Awards 2015 Group picture 2014[3]

Dr. Max Kullberg, WWAMI School of Medical Education, and Ms. Hui-Ching Kuo, Biological Sciences "Reprogramming Immunosuppressive Cells in Tumors by Targeted Delivery of All-Trans Retinoic Acid"

Dr. Birgit Hagedorn, Envionment and Natural Resources Institute, and Dr. Fred Rainey, Biological Sciences "Microbiogeochemical Cycling of Mercury in Subglacial Environments"

Dr. Shannon Donovan, Geography and Environmental Studies "Sowing Seeds and Harvesting Community: Increasing Food Security in Anchorage by Expanding Community Gardens"

Dr. Cathy Coulter, Elementary Education, and Dr. Irasema Ortega, Elementary Education "Language Revitalization and Culturally Sustaining Practices in Education through Writers' Workshop"

Dr. Philippe Amstislavski, Health Sciences, and Dr. Joey Yang, Civil Engineering, "A Biomimetic Alternative to High-End Fabricated Polymeric Foams: Feasibility Study of Native White-Rot Fungi-Based Insulation Material for Geoengineering Applications"

Dr. Gwen Lupfer, Psychology, and Dr. Khrys Duddleston, Biological Sciences "Dissociating the roles of intestinal bacteria and learned anticipatory responses to sweet tastes in producing harmful effects of artificial sweeteners"

Dr. Clare Dannenberg, Anthropology and English, and Dr. David Bowie, English "Talking Anchorage: An Investigation of Local Identity in Urban Alaska"

Dr. Zeynep Kilic, Sociology, "Tables of Istanbul"

Dr. Herminia Din, Art, "UAA Winter Design Know How Book"

Dr. Angie Zheng (Economics and Public Policy), Dr. Yonggang Lu (Information Systems and Decision Sciences), and Dr. Holly Wang (Agricultural Economics, Purdue University) "Consumer Preference and Market Potentials for Alaska Salmon in China"

CY 2014 Award Winners


  • Dr. Nathaniel Hicks, Physics & Astronomy “PCAGE: A New Plasma Confinement Technique”
  • Dr. Aaron Dotson, Civil Engineering, and Dr. Eric Dickenson, Southern Nevada Water Authority, “Coupling UV Advanced Oxidation and Ceramic Membranes to Treat Challenging Waters”
  • Dr. Jonathan Stecyk, Biological Sciences, and Dr. Khrystyne Duddleston, Biological Sciences, “Influence of Temperature and Prolonged Oxygen Deprivation on the Composition and Diversity of the Turtle Gut Microbiota: A Novel Model for Understanding the Role of Gut Microbiota in Normal Physiology and Disease”
  • Dr. Erin Hicks, Physics & Astronomy, “A Step toward Understanding the Role of Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxy Formation and Evolution”
  • Dr. Ganhua Lu, Mechanical Engineering,“Vertical Graphene-Nanoparticle Hybrids for High-Performance Supercapacitors”
  • Dr. Joshua Swift, Psychology, “Client and Therapist Moment-to-Moment Ratings of Significant Events in Psychotherapy”
  • Dr. Sarah Gerken, Biological Sciences, “Diastylidae of New Zealand”
  • Dr. Lee Ann Munk, Geological Sciences, and Dr. Berry Lyons, Ohio State University, “Assessing the Effects of Silicate Weathering on Atmospheric CO? in the Aleutian Volcanic Arc”
  • Dr. John Kennish, Chemistry, “Determination of the rose fragrance, salidroside, rosavin and rosarin in the Arctic root Rhodiola rosea”
  • Dr. Kirk Scott, Computer Science & Engineering, “Android Apps for Computer Science Learning in Schools”
  • Dr. Jocelyn McGee, Dr. Rebecca Robinson, & Dr. Gloria Eldridge, Psychology, Dr. Thomas Nighswander, Alaska Native Medical Center, and Dr. Donald Thomas, “Malawi Resilience Project”
  • Dr. Ghulam Bham, Civil Engineering, and Co-PI Dr. Kenrick Mock, Computer Science & Engineering, “Development of a Fixed-Base Driving Simulator at UAA”

CY 2013 Award Winners

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  • Dr. Colin McGill, Chemistry and Co-PI Dr. Eric Murphy, Psychology, "Malate Supplementation: A Dietary Intervention to Improve Spatial Memory in Aged Rats."
  • Dr. Aaron Dotson, Civil Engineering and Co-PI Dr. LeeAnn Munk, Geology, "Source Identification and Complexation of Copper in an Urban Environment."
  • Dr. Jeffrey Callahan, Construction Management, Justin McVaney, Construction & Design Technology, and Co-PI Dr. Kenrick Mock, Computer Science and Engineering, "Augmented Reality, BIM and GIS for Mobile Platforms in Architecture, Engineering and Construction."
  • Dr. Khrystyne Duddleston, Biological Sciences and Co-PI Dr. Paddy Sullivan, Environmental and Natural Resources Institute, "Importance of the Microbial Community as a Driver of Tree Performance and Treeline Position in Northwest Alaska."
  • Dr. Mark McCoy, Chemistry, "Development of a Point of Care Assay for Vitamin D."
  • Dr. Jonathan Alevy, Economics, and Co-PI Dr. Michael Young, Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, "Seasonality and Economic Behavior."
  • Dr. Jill Flanders Crosby, Theatre and Dance, and Co-PI Brian Jeffery, Theatre and Dance, "Secrets Under the Skin Art Installation."
  • Dr. John Lund, Electrical Engineering, "Wireless Sensor Nodes with Advanced Signal Analysis Capabilities for Expanded Sensor Network Applications."
  • Dr. Scott Hamel, Civil Engineering, "Design and Evaluation of Thin-shell Latex-modified Concrete Barrel Roof Units."
  • Dr. Kenrick Mock, Computer Science and Engineering and Co-PIs Dr. Bogdan Hoanca, Computer Information Systems, Dr. Stephanie Bauer and Dr. Raymond Anthony, Philosophy, and Dr. Yasuhiro Ozuru, Psychology, "Revealing Human Moral Decision Making Through Eye Tracking."
  • Dr. Joey Yang, Civil Engineering "Carbon Fiber Tape-Based Anti-Icing Technology for Wind Turbine Blades."
  • Dr. Andrew Puckett, Physics and Astronomy, and Co-PI Dr. Travis Rector, Physics and Astronomy, "Seed Funding for the Production of the Definitive Aurora Borealis Planetarium Show."
  • Dr. Jonathan Stecyk, Biological Sciences, "The Turtle Heart: A non-traditional model to understand and potentially treat human cardiovascular disease."
  • Dr. Jennifer Stone, English, "Language, Literature, and Technology in Alaska."
  • Dr. Patrick Tomco, Chemistry and Co-PIs Dr. Mark McCoy, Chemistry, and Steven Seefeldt, UAF Cooperative Extension Service, "Characterization of Aminopryralid Degradation in Alaska Soils."
  • Dr. Liliya Vugmeyster, Chemistry, and Co-PI Dr. Dmitry Ostrovsky, Mathematical Sciences, "Computational Modeling of Protein Flexibility via Bridging Polymer and Protein Sciences."

CY 2012 Award Winners

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  • Dr. Jason Burkhead (Biology) for "Development of a Copper-deficient Mouse Model of Non-alcoholic FattyLiver Disease.
  • Dr. Don Spalinger (Biology) and Co-PIs Dr. John Lund and Dr. Herb Schroeder, for "The Trophic Dynamics of Nutrient Cycling in Western Alaska Tundra Ecosystems."
  • Dr. Khrys Duddleston and Co-PIs Dr. Fred Rainey and Dr. Loren Buck, for "Host-Gut-Microbiome Interactions in the Arctic Ground Squirrel: Investigations in an Extreme Hibernator."
  • Dr. Cindy Knall (WWAMI Medical School of Education)for "Assessing NFkB Targets in Oral Epithelial Cells Exposed to Iqmik."
  • Dr. John Lund (Electrical Engineering) and Co-PI Dr. Todd Peterson, for "Ultra-Long Lifespan Wireless Sensor Devices for Asset Management."
  • Dr. Anthony Paris (Mechanical Engineering) and Co-PIs Dr. Jennifer Brock and Dr. John Lund, for "Evaluation of Instrumentation to Assess Accelerations of the Head Due to Soccer Ball Heading."
  • Dr. Scott Hamel (Civil Engineering) for "Performance of Wood-Plastic Composites in Cold Regions."
  • Dr. Frank Moore (Computer Science/Mathematics) for "Improving the Science Value of CCSDS Lossy Compressed Images via Evolutionary Computation."?
  • Dr. John Kennish (Chemistry) and Co-PI Dr. Patty Zwolla, for "Development of an Integrated Cellular-Chemical Approach for Quantifying Effects of Marine Phthalates on the Function of Trout Immune Cells."
  • Dr. Colin McGill (Chemistry) for "Inhibition of TNFa-mediated nsMase Activation by Citrate and Malate in a Human Neuroblastoma Model."
  • Dr. Karen Ward (Center for Human Development) for "Teen Friendships & Dating Program."
  • Dr. Vivian Gonzalez (Psychology/Center for Behavioral Research and Services) and Co-PI Dr. Monica Skewes, for "Social Validity of Alcohol Treatments for Alaska Native College Students."
  • Don Rearden (College Preparatory and Developmental Studies) for "Heart of a Whale."