The Office of Research and the Graduate School provide a variety of resources for the University of Alaska Anchorage's faculty, staff and students.    

Research Administration occurs within two distinct and separate offices within UAA. All pre-award activities are administered within the function of the Office of Sponsored Programs.  All post-award activities are provided by the Office of Grants and  Contracts, which has moved to the Department of Financial Systems.

Issues of research integrity including the ethical conduct of research, research involving human subjects (IRB) or vertebrate animals (IACUC), chemicals, radioisotopes and certain biological materials are addressed within the administrative function of the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity.

The Dean of the Graduate School has responsibility and oversight for graduate programs at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


Contact Us

Please review the following organization chart. 

Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski
Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
1901 Bragaw, 374
Telephone: 907.786.4833
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: hswisniewski@uaa.alaska.edu 

Dr. George Kamberov
Associate Vice Provost for Research
1901  Bragaw, 373
Telephone: 907.786.5472
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: gkamberov@uaa.alaska.edu

Andrea Miller
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean
1901 Bragaw, 375
Telephone: 907.786.1196
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: andrea@uaa.alaska.edu

Erika Connor
Finance Director
1901 Bragaw, 377
Telephone: 907.786.5470
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: ecconnor@uaa.alaska.edu

Susan Harper
Special Assistant to the Vice Provost
1901 Bragaw, 376
Telephone: 907.786.1455
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: skharper@uaa.alaska.edu 

Tim Stevenson
Vivarium Manager
Telephone: 907.786.4441
Email: uaa_vivarium@uaa.alaska.edu 

Gianna Shorney-Linton 
Administrative Assistant to Executive Director
UAA Department of Homeland Security's Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC)
Integrated Science Building, 201H
Telephone: 907.786.0412
Email: glshorneylinton@uaa.alaska.edu

Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC)
Sharilyn Mumaw 
Research Integrity & Compliance Officer
IRB Administrator
IACUC Administrator 
1901 Bragaw, 376
Telephone: 907.786.1099
Fax: 907.786.1791
E-mail: simumaw@uaa.alaska.edu
Office of Technology Commercialization
Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski
Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
Diplomacy Bldg 101P
Telephone: 907.786.4833
Email: hswisniewski@uaa.alaska.edu 

Graduate School

Dr. David Yesner
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Administration Bldg 221
Telephone: 907.786.1098
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: afdry@uaa.alaska.edu

Elisa Mattison
Director, Graduate School
Administration Bldg 220
Telephone: 907.786.1096
Fax: 907.786.1791
Email: esmattison@uaa.alaska.edu

Polina Martin
Administrative Assistant 
Administration Bldg 218A
Telephone: 907.786.1095
Fax: 907.786.1791

Note: The Graduate School is located in the Administration Building, not the Bragaw Building.  

Physical Address
Our physical address is 1901 Bragaw Street, Anchorage AK 99508.
We are located on the third floor of UAA's Bragaw BOC3 Building.

Mailing address 
Office of Research and the Graduate School
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Dr, BOC3 368
Anchorage, AK 99508-4614