The purpose of the INNOVATE Awards is to inspire faculty research, entrepreneurship and creative activity that will lead to publication in a peer review journal or a creative event, external research funding or Intellectual Property. The INNOVATE Awards were created in 2011 by Dr. Helena Wisniewski, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, to stimulate new research and IP.  All winners names are on a  list of current and previous award winners.

2015 INNOVATE Awards

For all the details on the 4th Annual Innovate Awards, please review the PowerPoint presentation which includes abstracts of all the award-winning proposals. 

  • Dr. Max Kullberg, WWAMI School of Medical Education, and Ms. Hui-Ching Kuo, Biological Sciences 
    • "Reprogramming Immunosuppressive Cells in Tumors by Targeted Delivery of All-Trans Retinoic Acid" 
  • Dr. Birgit Hagedorn, Envionment and Natural Resources Institute, and Dr. Fred Rainey, Biological Sciences 
    • "Microbiogeochemical Cycling of Mercury in Subglacial Environments" 
  • Dr. Shannon Donovan, Geography and Environmental Studies 
    • "Sowing Seeds and Harvesting Community: Increasing Food Security in Anchorage by Expanding Community Gardens" 
  • Dr. Cathy Coulter, Elementary Education, and Dr. Irasema Ortega, Elementary Education 
    • "Language Revitalization and Culturally Sustaining Practices in Education through Writers' Workshop" 
  • Dr. Philippe Amstislavski, Health Sciences, and Dr. Joey Yang, Civil Engineering, 
    • "A Biomimetic Alternative to High-End Fabricated Polymeric Foams: Feasibility Study of Native White-Rot Fungi-Based Insulation Material for Geoengineering Applications" 
  • Dr. Gwen Lupfer, Psychology, and Dr. Khrys Duddleston, Biological Sciences 
    • "Dissociating the roles of intestinal bacteria and learned anticipatory responses to sweet tastes in producing harmful effects of artificial sweeteners" 
  • Dr. Clare Dannenberg, Anthropology and English, and Dr. David Bowie, English 
    • "Talking Anchorage: An Investigation of Local Identity in Urban Alaska" 
  • Dr. Zeynep Kilic, Sociology, 
    • "Tables of Istanbul" 
  • Dr. Herminia Din, Art, 
    • "UAA Winter Design Know How Book" 
  • Dr. Angie Zheng (Economics and Public Policy), Dr. Yonggang Lu (Information Systems and Decision Sciences), and Dr. Holly Wang (Agricultural Economics, Purdue University) 
    • "Consumer Preference and Market Potentials for Alaska Salmon in China"
Patent Plaque Presentation:
  • Ms. Alexandra West, U.S. Patent 8,833,682 B2: Fish Carcass Disposal System


2014 INNOVATE Awards

  • Increased funding for the INNOVATE awards 
  • Proposals of diverse backgrounds were awarded funds 
  • Two patents awarded 

2013 INNOVATE Awards

  • Received an additional $200,000 in internal funding for the INNOVATE Awards.   
  • Increase in the diversity of areas and disciplines, including the sciences, engineering, economics, theatre and dance, English and construction management.
  • More awards are interdisciplinary.
  • Received proposals from all UAA colleges and schools.

2012 INNOVATE Awards

  • Established by the Vice Provost for Research in December 2011 and she acquired $200,000 in internal funding.
  • Received 40 proposals.
  • Funded 13 proposals in areas including engineering, sciences and arts/humanities.

Accomplishments of 2012

  • 11 proposals submitted for external funding, some still under review, with awards totaling over $350,000 in external funding to date.
  •  Six submissions to peer review journals in process. 
  •  Four invention disclosures and three evolved into patents pending.
  •  Nine presentations at international conferences.Accomplishments of 2012.