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Vol. XI, No. 2,    Spring 2010

Vol. XI, No. 1,    Summer 2009

Vol. X, No. 1,      Summer 2008

Vol. IX, No. 1,     Fall 2007

Vol. VIII, No. 1,  Spring 2007

Vol. VII, No. 1,   Fall 2006

Vol. VI, No. 1,    Spring 2006

Vol. V, No. 1,      Fall 2005

Vol. IV, No. 1,    Spring 2005

Vol. III, No. 1,    Fall 2004

Vol. II, No. 1,     Spring 2004

Vol. I, No. 1,       Fall 2003

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Submitting Research News for the website or other publications:

If you would like to submit a news release, current event, or article for this site or for the Research News, please contact Cheryl Wright via email or telephone (786.1196). Pictures should be in "jpeg" format.

If you have a press release or other information for the public, please contact Kristin DeSmith, University Advancement, at 786.1263 or via email.

We appreciate your help in keeping the UAA community informed about the many aspects and dynamics of research at UAA.