Office of Technology Commercialization

Upward Trends in Research, Funding and Commercialization

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) is the largest university in the University of Alaska system. UAA's research and commercialization trends are upward. External funding research increased by 23% since FY13. 

To commercialize faculty and student research at UAA, the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies created an agile business infrastructure. This infrastructure includes Seawolf Holdings, LLC and the Seawolf Venture Fund. Seawolf Holdings provides a corporate interface between UAA and enterprise companies and manages the companies, while the Seawolf Venture Fund provides seed money for early stage technology companies.

The number of invention disclosures increased to 45 since January 2012, in contrast to the three disclosures received in the previous year.

  • Remotely controlled, low cost and embedded de-icing system using carbon nanofiber mats

  • Cybersecurity and education use

Information on patents and patents pending at UAA is available on our website.

UAA IP Commercialization Process

Videos of Research Commercialization in Action

UAA's new branding effort highlights patent-pending research developed on campus. UAA Engineers Anthony Paris, Jennifer Brock and John Lund developed an instrumented mouth guard with custom wireless capabilities that provides coaches and team physicians accurate assessments when athletes experience head injuries.
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