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Impacts of INNOVATE

  • A new generation of wireless sensor devices.
    • No battery, long lifespan wireless sensor distributed network system for remote monitoring and asset management, as well as for surveillance and security.
    • UAA's first startup company, Zensor. blueberries2
  • Seasonality and economic behavior.
    • Relevant for financial market outcomes, and for a broader set of social and economic behaviors.
  • Breaking new ground to determine the role of eye dynamics in the ethical decision making process. Potential for new tools for teaching ethics and understanding decision making.
  • Design and evaluation of thin-shell latex-modified concrete barrel roof units for low cost housing in Alaska.
  • Potential pharmaceutical therapeutics for:
    • Alzheimer's, ischemic trauma and dysfunctional insulin sensitivity.
    • Obesity
    • Stroke
    • Liver dysfunction
    • Oral cancer related to chewing tobacco.
    • Diseases associated with neuro-myopathy, such as MS. paris soccer
  • Traumatic head injuries, a foremost concern in athletes and the military. Developed an instrumented mouthguard with custom wireless capabilities that measures impact and effects.

  • Novel treatments for pathologies related to an oxygen-starved human heart.

  • Rapid analysis of vitamin D in the field, which is relevant to the health of Alaskans in rural areas and to people around the globe.

  • Computational modeling of organic polymers for the modeling of protein flexibility to capture detailed quantitative characterizations.

  • Broadening the understanding of social and cultural worlds, over time, particularly between the Cubans and Ghanaian via art and dance.

  • Identify the occurrence of two food and water contaminants of emerging concern to Alaskans (copper in drinking water and phthalates (plastic residue) in fish).

  • Contribute significantly to the field of literacy studies and to the study of the history of the English language.
    • Histories of the English language tend not to take into account the experiences of individuals and families.
  • New technology for de-icing sidewalks for safety and wind turbine blades to improve the power production, reduce mechanical water, and extend the life span of the system.