IRB Review Categories

If you plan to collect data for the purposes of evaluation or assessment only, IRB review may not be required. Please contact the Research Compliance Office (907-786-1099) to make this determination.

Please note the examples listed below are adapted from OHRP's Human Subject Regulations Decision Charts. The IRB must determine the level of review, although the PI should be aware of which category of review applies to his/her research.


Examples of exempt studies:

  • The use of educational tests, surveys, interview procedures, or observations of public behavior
  • Taste and food quality evaluation (foods without additives)


Examples of expedited studies:

  • Research involving under age 18 subjects that poses no more than minimal risks
  • Collection or study of existing data, documents, or records that poses no more than minimal risks to the subjects
  • See the OHRP Secretary's List for categories of research that may be reviewed through an expedited review procedure

Full Board Review 

Examples of full board review studies:

  • Research involving children and/or under age 18 subjects that poses more than minimal risk
  • Research involving pregnant women or fetuses
  • Research involving prisoner subjects (whether the participant is incarcerated at the time of initial review or during the study)

If you have specific questions about whether a study is exempt, expedited, or requires full board review, contact the Research Compliance Office.