IRBNet Resources

IRBNet is a suite of online tools including electronic protocol management and online submissions for the human subjects research community. The electronic system reduces paper-based procedures and streamlines protocol submission and review processes for researchers and the IRB.

The IRB requires electronic proposal submissions on IRBNet, including exempt proposals, expedited proposals, progress reports, and final reports. IRB training certificates are also uploaded to IRBNet.

Access to IRBNet

IRBNet can be accessed here:

  1. Click the "New User Registration" link in the upper right hand corner of the page and follow the instructions. Select University of Alaska Anchorage as your affiliation.
  2. Follow the instructions in IRBNet to your preferred e-mail. Follow the link in the e-mail to complete the registration process.
  3. If applicable, notify your research team that you are registered. This includes co-Principal Investigators and Research Supervisors for thesis research, for example. The Principle Investigator, or someone designated by the Investigator, will need to "Share" the IRBNet package with you before you have access to that package.
  4. Access the "Read Me First" document under Forms and Templates on IRBNet. This document is specific to the UAA IRBNet system for the IRB.
  5. For guidance on what documents to submit for a new study, modification request, progress report, or final report, click here.

Important Note: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the IRB use the same submission system. In other words, you have the option to submit your project to the IACUC or IRB when logged into IRBNet. Please double check to make sure submissions are sent to the correct committee for review!

Where to Begin

Please review IRBNet's training tools to become acquainted with the system.

Getting Help

IRBNet maintains a Resources page with training videos and PDFs that will walk you through the registration process, creating and submitting a new project, and post-submission tools.  Click on the Resources tab or linked text, and log-in using the username "anchorage" and password "training" (do not include the quotation marks).

We understand that using IRBNet is a learning process for many human subjects researchers. Please contact the IRB Coordinator at (907-786-0916) for assistance.

When available, we encourage human subjects researchers and research supervisors to attend an IRBNet CAFE workshop. There are no workshops available at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about IRBNet, including questions regarding the security of data and the level of support and training IRBNet provides, are accessed from their website via the provided link.