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Meetings & Membership

IRB Meetings

When:The Institutional Review Board (IRB) meets the third Friday of each month during the academic year (see below for actual dates).
Where: The IRB meets on Zoom. 
When: 1:30 p.m.

Note: The IRB agenda is finalized two weeks prior to the meeting. IRB studies requiring full board review must be determined to be Administratively Complete at least two weeks prior to the IRB meeting. Incomplete submissions will be delayed to a later agenda once the submission package has been determined to be Administratively Complete.

Meeting Dates: 

Summer meetings are subject to necessity and the ability to make quorum. Please reach out to the IRB Coordinator, Dan Allen, for inquiries about meeting scheduling.

Semester Planned IRB Meeting Dates
Spring 2022 January 21 February 18 March 18 April 15 May 6 (if needed)
Summer 2022 TBD        
Fall 2022 August 19 September 16 October 21 November 18 December 16

IRB Committee Members:

Committee Member Affiliation Contact Information
Dr. David Parker, Chairperson Professor
Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS)
Mr. Michael Baldwin Non-Affiliated Member
Dr. Stephanie Bauer Associate Professor
Philosophy Department
Ms. Muriel Brower Non-Affiliated Member  
Dr. Gloria Eldridge Professor
Psychology Department
Ms. Rosyland Frazier Sr. Research Professional
Institute of Social & Economic Research (ISER)
Ms. Marla Greenstein Non-Affiliated Member
Dr. Travis Hedwig Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Health Sciences Department
Dr. Lance Howe Professor
Economics & Public Policy Department
Dr. Lauren Lessard Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS)
Dr. Mychal Machado Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Dr. David Tarcy Non-Affiliated Member  
Dr. Angelia Trujillo Associate Professor
School of Nursing